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#SOTR Show Prep: The world’s gone mad Edition

The sleeper candidate to watch is Carli Fiorina.  Her takedown to Hillary calling pro life Americans extreme was something to behold.   A primer on how to handle hostile media effectively.  This Saturday’s ...

#SOTR Show Notes: the Planned Parenthood is Evil (Duh!!!) Edition

Stacy on the Right Show Prep for July 18, 2015 Tonight on the show we discuss the horrible truth about Planned Parenthood, we have an awesome Local Business Spotlight so.  Much. More! The voice of ...

ICYMI: #SOTR Show Notes- Guns Save Lives Edition

On the Stacy on the Right Show on July 11th 2015: 2nd Amendment Updates: Las Vegas Man uses AK47 to successfully defend his family against armed intruders Media won’t report on Ex CNN anchor using ...
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Tonight on the SOTR Show

Jordan declares itself the tip of the spear in the war on ISIS Missouri Bosnians arrested for supporting ISIS Missouri Dealerships sue to block Tesla direct to consumer sales… The Emerging Republican Advantage… Is this ...
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