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    selina duff 15 September, 2012 at 19:42 Reply

    Just saw you youtube piece addressing your conservative values and wanted to send out a cheer and a high-five from another sistah…I appreciated every point that you listed and it’s nice to hear your cranial involvement in what you are processing. Dear God ! I am tired of the witless, abusive posts I am reading on many blogs from minority liberals. It is very sad and very concerning. I thought your flat-tax phrases below were especially effective and I have copied my comment here fyi.
    I am sure that you are aware of your gift, but seriously, as a shout-out from the crowd – you are VERY gifted. I know that you know what to do with it ” Go Stacy, Go Stacy, GO GO GO Stacy !!!”

    ‘skin in the game’…YES ! you nailed it stacyontheright ! I hope to see you on bigger, more extensives platforms than this. You are gifted in this arena . I am blessed by this today
    ( PS – I am also a minority , female . It’s GREAT to see women stepping up to the plate – of All colors of the rainbow – Kudos ! )

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