16 Democrat House Reps are saying goodbye!!

A little good news for the day, 16 Democratic House Reps are either retiring or leaving to run for higher office.  

via the Washington Post:

So far, 16 more Democrats have announced they are giving up their seats in 2012. Half are running for higher office, and the rest are just bidding adieu to politics. “Senior Democrats are voting with their feet,” said Mr. Roskam. “They see that President Obama’s promise of 2008 has just faded incredibly quickly. They figured out that the 2012 cycle is likely to be another wave election similar to what we saw in 2010.” So far this cycle, no House Republican is retiring from politics.

This is in direct juxtaposition to the GOP House members – none of them are retiring.  2012 people!  That’s what it’s all about…  Get active, get involved, get moving on someone’s campaign; NOW. 

In fact – go here to Freedom Works and check out the grass roots organization happenings for your area! 



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