Let’s play the blame game!

by Stacy Washington on 08/16/11


So, I just got done watching Just Sayin’ on local news channel 5… This is a segment where a local person can vent their frustration at any issue be it urbane or social or whatever. It’s usually pretty good, until last night…

Begin rant…

So now we have Democrat operatives on local tv at night spewing nonsense about the Tea Party holding the country hostage and destroying jobs… REALLY? So it isn’t President Obama’s fault at all right? He hasn’t allowed a single drilling permit to be issued in over two years, destroying hundreds of thousands of jobs. He continually has to pivot to jobs, after making serious errors in judgement (read Obamacare). And after all of that pivoting we have even fewer jobs, down by 6.6%, while a staggering increase in government jobs, up by 11.7%. (That is an uptick of over 230,000 jobs) There may be a hole in the floor somewhere in the West Wing from all of that pivoting, but no new jobs!!!

But of course the true cause of all of this angst in the employment and financial sectors is the Tea Party. Ummm, I thinks not!! It takes 6 private sector workers to pay for ONE government job. So you can see that as the government grows, the private sector shrinks.

For the last time, government doesn’t create jobs, grassroots movements don’t create jobs, the private sector creates jobs!!! Just Sayin’!

End rant. You can watch for yourself, just click below…



One thought on “Let’s play the blame game!

  1. Stacy…You know if you don’t assume that just by President Obama putting his hand on the Bible and taking the oath of office he would change things instantly. If you gave his policies, say 100 days to start working. That puts us at the end of April in 2009. The unemployment rate was 8.9 in April of 2009. It’s now 9.0. That a change of +.1 percent throughout the last 3 years. I’d say that pretty good. Not the change from 7.8 percent on inauguration day like the Right likes to try and hang around his neck.It’s really good when you see that President Reagan went from 6.9 to 10.8 in the same time period. A net change of +3.9. And the economic times weren’t nearly as bad! There really is no excuse for you and Faux news not knowing that and explaining it to your listeners, readers and viewers.

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