Whoopi Goldberg Bleeped While Saying ‘N—-r‘ and Defending CNN Anchors on ’The View’ | Video

Because it’s just not a good day until we’ve heard from Whoopi, is it?

via theblaze.com

After some give and take mostly with co-host Barbara Walters who expressed discomfort with the idea, Goldberg said, “What reporters do is they report the news. And every time you make it ‘the N-word,’ it’s cute.”

She continued, “But I feel very strongly about the word. Do not eliminate it. It’s part of our history. Every time people try to sort of make it sound better or more acceptable, let’s call it what it is.”[...]

Ironically, part of Goldberg’s response was bleeped, but from what I can tell by trying to read her lips in the video, I believe she said, “Yes I call it what it is. I say n—ger, they bleep me.”

Watch the exchange here:


This double standard must stop. No one should utter the word nigger, unless they are a reporter. If a reporter is quoting a person, then that is appropriate. Otherwise, there is no reason for it. I understand the use of it by blacks in years past to remove it’s power. That time has passed. We cannot get outraged at whites using the word if it’s okay for blacks to use.

One thought on “Whoopi Goldberg Bleeped While Saying ‘N—-r‘ and Defending CNN Anchors on ’The View’ | Video

  1. Doesn’t anyone remember when ‘cute’ Ted Danson, who left his wife in 1993 for Whoopi Goldberg, used the ‘n’ word and she dumped him like a hot rock? Now this hypocrite is promoting the use of this vile word? I call it like I see it.

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