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#WPC15 flyer touts “pitfalls of working with white people”

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So I had to comment here…  This is just so ridiculous!!! Here’s a snippet of the reporting from GatewayPundit: “The pitfalls of working with white people” Including: ** They ask stupid questions. ** They benefit financially on the backs of black people…
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Tonight on the #SOTR Show: Tune in or I’ll check your privilege!


On tonight’s show I’m interviewing the fantastic Ann-Marie Murrell founder and Director of Politichicks.  I’ll talk to Ann Marie about HRC’s supposed brain damage and the GOP’s “New Immigration Weapon.” Tonight’s Local Business Spotlight: Big Frog T-Shirts! Live stream me…
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I’ve got your answer to “White Privilege” right here #WPC14 #SOTR

An open letter to the White Privilege Conference 2014 attendees; I’m in a state of shock right now. According to your conference, the accomplishments of my family going back generations simply do not exist. Allow me to explain. You see…
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