2A Watch: @NRANews Episode 1: Politics and Ignorance

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People!!!  I am so excited about this!!!  NRA News has a fantastic new website, a new category of commentators and wait for it…  These young people are totally relatable!  Okay okay.  Let me calm down a bit and provide the deets that you so sorely require.

The commentators (and stars of the exciting “Episodes”) are Mr. Colion Noir: I already intro’d him, he’s an attorney and major gun enthusiast, Natalie Foster: CEO, co-founder and editor of Girls Guide to Guns, and last but not least, 12 year veteran Navy SEAL Dom Raso rounds out the group.

In this hard hitting first episode of the new offering we get common sense commentary from Mr. Colion Noir on who is really rooting for gun control and why.

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