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In watching the Occupy Wall street protesters the past couple of weeks, a stark visual contrast has emerged between  them and the Tea Party.  In essence, this difference completes the narratives for or against the supporters of the respective groups.  For three years there has been an open and concerted effort to paint any conservative group that gathers together with a permit in open public spaces as a violent racist mob.  In the absence of such proof, the tactic has been to repeat the lie until it becomes the truth. 

Now we have the children of the wealthy elite with their ipods, iphones, laptops, designer tents and NorthFace jackets camped out in public.  While violating city ordinances and curfew laws, these protesters claim to be the 99% (read – the oppressed) against the wealthiest 1% (read – oppressors).  Most Americans abide by the rule of law, so that number can’t possibly be correct.  As the protests spread to different cities nationwide, photos and videos of OWS protesters began to trickle out. 

Be forewarned, the shots are not for the faint of heart.  One protester defecated on a police car.  Another couple is shown having sex on the sidewalk.  Where was the outrage?  Where is it now?  I’m appalled as a citizen of the greatest nation on Earth (and yes we still are that nation) that this behavior has not only been supported, but lauded by public leaders and politicians such as Diane Sawyer and Nancy Pelosi

This photo essay will cement in your mind what your choices are in November of 2012.  One shows the power of a peaceful gentle people, seeking redress from their government in the way that made this country great.  The other shows an amazing lack of regard for the rule of law and simple human decency in a civilized developed society.  As you look, ask yourself: “Who would I have run this country?”  Scroll down at your own risk!

Via Gateway Pundit: The group leader reads anti-Capitalist declaration… from a smartphone!

This follows the creepy zombie chanting at the Occupy Atlanta protest.
Let’s face it. This is really weird.


Via the Gateway Pundit – Raw sewer: An unidentified man seen defecates on a NYPD patrol car in downtown Manhattan (Daily Mail)

Good God!
So this is what Obama and Pelosi are supporting?
Occupied Wall Street zombies chant “You can have sex with animals” at Zuccotti Park.

Urban Infidel braved the odor to catch this grotesque display in New York.


Then this:  Via Todd Kinsey:

Now for the Tea Party Shots:

 via factreal

 via bing

 via the www.westorangepatch.com

Marked difference right? 

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