A Failed Stimulus Repeat by any other name…

If at first you don’t succeed…  Try, try again!!! 

Via rightvideos03 on YouTube:

My takeaway from the show, because that is what it was…

  • The President is still missing the point of it all: he cannot create jobs.  Only the private sector can do that..
  • The $450 billion jobs plan is not paid for, the congressional supercommittee has to find $1.5 trillion to cut first, and they haven’t even started on that.
  • The plan can’t be considered bi-partisan if it contains tax increases that the Republicans have vowed never to vote for.
  • The plan is not deficit neutral, because the cuts and increases come at later points after implementation (once again, funds not there to implement program, cuts never materialize)
  • Not immediately effective, since jobs bank would take at least a year to set up and begin funding.
  • Closing loopholes in the tax code is simple.  Just do it.  You can do that without spending $450 billion dollars.

 The American Jobs Act “Stimulus TWO” won’t create jobs and who’s gonna pay for it?

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