A word on the Food Stamp “Glitch”

If you think that food stamp “glitch” over the weekend was an accident, I have some swampland to sell you!

There are over 50 million Americans on Food Stamps.

The first thing those “poor people” did once they found out their cards weren’t working was take to twitter and Facebook and call for riots. Riots! They are ENTITLED to riot if they don’t have free food on us.

Also of note, they are on Food Stamps, but they have smart phones and 4G service!

That was a dry run for a SHTF scenario. What will America look like if 50 million people suddenly don’t have their free food?

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    Bill Burt 17 October, 2013 at 16:25 Reply

    Stacy, there are many things going on for the last few decades that really bother me. One that just seems to get worse with time, young people get married and they think they should be able to have even better than their parents took decades to have. They want it all, NOW! They buy homes, new cars, and other things on credit, that they may be able to pay for, if they don’t loose their job, but so many never have a cushion; money saved, or invested for a rainy day. Many of the divorces are cased by financial problems, and a lot of this is caused by our government controlled schools not teaching even basic economics. We met a guy around our age, at a Sound Money Conference we were invited to, in St. Louis, in May of 1990; he talked about investments, but the one thing that stuck in my mind was what he said about saving. He said take 10% off the top and save or invest it.

    I was born on a poor dirt farm in 1936, same year as Walter Williams. We had river bottom ground that often flooded, so crops were not a sure thing. We raised some hogs and cattle, marketed some and ate some. Sometimes we sold corn out of the grainery and cedar posts from the farm; but we survived, since we did always have a garden. My mom and dad were both born in 1895, so they both learned much from surviving the depression. With the give me attitude of today, I believe there would be anarchy if people experienced those conditions today. It’s bad enough now, since crime doesn’t happen just in the big cities, it happens in rural areas as well. I feel crime would be much worse if our law abiding citizens didn’t have the preexisting, God given right to be armed. Some time ago, our County Sheriff was speaking at our meeting, and at that time he said they had done over 4,000 background checks for CCW permits; which is pretty good for a county of a little over 100k.

    The home I lived in for 30 years cost $7,000, since I bought what I could afford. I bought it in 1965, and my first wife died in 1966, so I did my best to try to raise my 2 1/2 year old son without a mother. I met my second wife in 1989 and we have been together ever since. I had bough Meramac Bluff property, in 1987 and we moved in 1995 modular home on the Bluff.
    I retired in 1998, since technology had passed the company I worked for, by, and the owner closed it about a year later, since he liked to spend time at his farm and didn’t have anyone to run the business end. I was always one that couldn’t sleep well with debt hanging over my head.

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