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Federal Court Upholds S.D. Abortion Suicide Warning

The 8th Circuit ruled that the 2005 mandatory advisory does not impede on free speech or abortion rights.


A federal appeals court on Tuesday upheld a South Dakota law mandating that doctors must warn women seeking abortions that they’ll face a higher risk of suicide and suicidal thoughts if they go through with the procedure.

It’s not a bad thing to warn women about the elevated risk of suicide having an abortion can cause. I know, I know, you’re like me in thinking that it’s good practice to warn a patient of all potential risks associated with a major medical procedure.  That’s just good medicine huh?  Well, abortion rights advocates have been screaming bloody murder at the thougth of women being fully informed about pesky facts like depression, increased probability of becoming suicidal, mood swings and difficulty with relationships and bonding for the remainder of your adult life.

The  St. Louis-based 8th Circuit upheld the 2005 law, 7-4. Planned Parenthood of Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota filed an appeal in September asking the court to toss the mandated warning, arguing that it impedes on both the abortion rights of the patient and on the free speech rights of the doctor.

Statistically, there is a higher rate of suicide among women who have had abortions than those who haven’t. The court’s ruling, the Associated Press explains, ultimately came down to a “battle of medical studies.”


If abortion is so very good for women, and the procedure just removes a clump of cells, why all of the hullabaloo Planned Parenthood?  Oh. Wait….


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