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Stacy Washington is a member of the Project 21 National Advisory Council of the National Center for Public Policy Research. Stacy is an Emmy Nominated TV personality, highly sought after speaker and radio guest commentator; sharing her conservative opinions nationally via television and radio. Stacy provides political guest commentary for KFTK 97.1FM, WNRR 1380AM, NRA News on Sirius XM radio, and many others.

Stacy co-hosted the syndicated online radio podcast He Said, She Said: with Demetrius & Stacy Wednesday nights on CDNews Radio. Past guests include: Monica Crowley, Michelle Malkin, Kurt Schlichter, Alfonzo Rachel, Congressman Broun and Tony Katz.

Stacy served as the Executive Director of MoveOnUp.org, and is currently an elected member of her local school district’s Board of Education. Stacy is a school choice and pro-life advocate, speaking out on education and personhood for the unborn.

The daughter of an Army Police Officer and Budget Analyst, Stacy spent the majority of her childhood growing up in Germany. During that time; Stacy traveled to Russia, Spain, Austria, France, England, and the Netherlands, giving her an in depth cosmopolitan view of culture, US foreign policy and the marked differences between a democratic republic and socialism.

After two years at Tennessee State University, Stacy enlisted in the Air Force as a weapons system analyst. During this time, Stacy served on the Eglin Air Force Base Honor Guard. Stacy also served a tour of duty in Saudi Arabia, supporting Operation Desert Shield. Stacy is a fourth generation decorated military veteran. Her time spent in service to this country has strengthened her stance on the 2nd Amendment, and underpins her understanding the effects of limited government on our armed forces.

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Stacy writes for Freedom Works, and Townhall Magazine and has contributed to On the Culture, Conservative Daily News,  Big Journalism, Family Events, The Beacon and many other publications online and print.

You can reach her via email at stacyontheright@gmail.com, on Twitter @StacyOnTheRight, on Facebook HERE and HERE, on YouTube and on Pinterest.

29 thoughts on “About SOTR

  1. Hello Stacy

    I just stumbled upon your blog and I just watched your video and I love what you have to say. Your views are inspirational as well as logical. I hope young people will find inspiration in what you do!

  2. Just getting to know you, Stacy, via KFTK-97.1 out of Ferguson/Florissant, MO. I’ve liked what I’ve heard from you on that station. Just curious–what are your views on homosexuality, gay “marriage,” ENDA, etc.? Are you a[n evangelical] Christian conservative?

      • Your a breath of fresh air Stacy. My friends and I have “liked” you on facebook, and our liberal friends are scratching their heads. Wer’re not sure why, but i must say we just love your views and look forward to your posts each day. God Bless

  3. Hi Stacy! I heard you on Jamie Allman this morning and you were on fire! Loved the points you made about democrats playing the race card with a double standard. Your stance was well articulated and I found myself constantly nodding holding back the urge to let out a few fist pumps. Keep up the good work!

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  5. Glad to hear you’re an evangelical Christian conservative, Stacy. May your tribe increase! We need SO many more “vocal” Christian conservatives to speak up and speak out for traditional, biblical moral and social values, not just the tenets of fiscal/economic conservatism. God will not bless a country–economically, politically, or otherwise–that doesn’t FIRST and PRIMARILY adhere to His moral standards. And sometimes I don’t think that libertarians like Jamie Allman understand that basic concept. I remember an op-ed he wrote in the St. Louis Post-Disatch a few years ago in which he basically said we shouldn’t make a big deal out of advocating for traditional marriage because it isn’t a big deal, but is instead just a “wedge” issue. Yeah, right–tell that to the God of the universe, who judges nations . . .

  6. Stacy, so glad I came across you facebook page and blog. It’s not always an easy thing to be an African American Conservative with soooo many African American Democratic liberals (which by the way has really become more common after electing our 1st Liberal African American President) This I think really caused a lot of African Americans who not so long ago were more “conservative”, but feel now they have to comprise those views to support our 1st Black President (just my opinion of course). However, keep up the good work and never compromise your witness for a socially acceptable opinion that is void of rationality, godliness, and biblical truth.

  7. Found you on Conservativevideos.com, 2- words, Fresh air. I cant say I am a Republican anymore,because they think they lost the election for being too conservative “NOT”. I really miss the hardcore conservative ideals that you stand for like small government, pro-family, pro-life, 2nd amendment rights, flat taxes or even truly fair taxes. It seems Republican are going soft on all these issues. I love what you do, keep up the good fight.

  8. God Bless You! Stand tall & proud, you’re a beautiful lady that God is using as a ray of light in all of this cesspool of what is left of the “land of the free”

  9. Stacy i’ve heard you recently on Tony Katz and other shows, your a breath of fresh air. Keep up the great work. You have my support.

  10. Stacy, Love You and God Bless you in all you are doing. So refreshing to see an attitude in you that is CONSTRUCTIVE!!! Keep up your good work!

  11. Oh Stacy I Love you!!! I just found you for the first time today! I love your page!!! I live in Philadelphia Pa.

  12. Stacy, I’m very happy to have found another young black female conservative. I really appreciate you having the guts to stand up with a forum representing the fundamental values of all Americans. Your common sense approach to political, social, moral issues is spot on. I wish I could be more active and do more. I will keep watch on your page for opportunities for me to be a part of your movement. God bless you and your family.

  13. Stacy for Prez! OMGoodness! Insomnia can be a blessing. I “stumbled” on your FB page which led to me stalking your blog for the past half hour. I have found a sister in Christ and a kindred spirit and down to earth common sense and a rock in’ cool chick who needs to give me a makeover all rolled into one! Ever come to Little Rock? LOL! Stay bold! God be with you and protect you, sister in Christ!

  14. Stacy, I just discovered you via Twitter and now one of your newest followers! Now I see that I’d read your info before but just didn’t connect the dots. You are beautiful, smart, patriotic, a believer, servant activist, articulate (can I use that word?) and I pray that many more will follow you. I notice that you serve on your local school board, & I’d love to connect with you re:Common Core. I will be sending you an email about this subject. We need thoughtful patriots on board with this massive overhaul of our educational system. As I always say: the devil is in the details & follow the money. Blessings!

  15. Stacy, I just head you for the first time on 97.1 – you are nothing short of awesome! Total breath of fresh air. Already passed your website on to my wife for her friends at work. She gets into some good discussions with so-called liberals and your site will surely set them on the “RIGHT” path to their thinking.

  16. Stacy, I just heard you for the first time on Sam Malone’s show on 1070AM in Houston. Great to hear you voicing solid right-thinking commentary. Keep up the good work!

  17. Hi, Stacy.

    I stumbled upon your site and have been enjoying reading through it. From what I have gathered, you are one smart cookie and beautiful inside and out. I am going to bookmark your page and make this another must visit site in my list. Keep up the good work.

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