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  1. This is a critical election year so time is of the essence. Normally I would introduce myself and set up at least a phone conversation. All that being said, can you please look at this book? The title is “White Folks Guide to Understanding the Black Community, and Get Out the Vote” I have attached a preview and Amazon link. It is imperative people do something different and more to get out the vote. Thank you.

    Pastor Shannon Wright

  2. Aside from the fact that you are beautiful, I recently viewed your beliefs as a conservative BLACK. You are well informed about History, Intelligent, Balanced, Non-Biased, and “You just get it”. I recently completed reading “”
    by Erik Rush, a conservative Black who also “Gets it”. I would hope, but doubt, that Blacks and Whites i.e., all Americans listen to Stacy and read Erik’s work.

  3. I truly disagree with just about everything that the new conservative movement stands for and Black conservatives are not a new invention because we have been conservatives for years…we just don’t vote with the GOP. However, I am excited to see that you have this blog. I will probably debate you on just about every issues, but I think you need to be heard.

  4. I have to say this I will will leave you alone until you give me permission to post on your blog…I think that Black Conservatives are important because it shows the world that we are a diverse group of people. No I no longer consider myself a Conservative (I am still Black) but people need to see we are thinkers and we are apart of both parties.

    • I applaud your honesty and directness. It is refreshing that you did not identify yourself as “a conservative who voted for President Obama”. While I voted for Governor Romney, I would definitely like to engage in a dialogue focusing on why we voted for our candidate. I am always interested in opposing views. I feel that it helps me make better decisions.

      Take care.

  5. Stacy I applaud what you are doing and for what you stand for. I think, not as an African American, but as an American you have every right to state your position. I only have one observation that I will state, I’m not sure of who you are representing. Why do I say this? Most of what I’m hearing is that of a copy cat There is no independence of thought, just a repeat of what your party writers, bloggers and commentators are stating.. I don’t represent either party, I intentionally registered as an independent. I don’t vote based on party line. I vote based on values and convictions. .I am a committed Christian and share the values of what a Bible believing Christian should. I also believe that those of us who have paid into the social security system should enjoy the benefits of social security and medicare we have paid for without any interruptions. If I speak out against the president, let me do so based on what I believe, not what my party is saying I should believe. I don’t agree with a lot of the policies of the Democratic administration on abortion and gay rights, Neither do I blast everything that is put forward just because that’s what make a good Republican. I fully watched both convention, Did you not notice that there were too few of us at your parties convention. I grew up in a segregated South, marched in the streets for what you now get to enjoy in an integrated America. I’ve lived in Africa for 21 years as a missionary and have traveled and visited Europe extensively especially the police state of Germany and the socialist state of the UK. I never agreed with 10 years of war, but do believe we now have an obligation to pay for them , and not hold the government hostage for what our congress created. I too, have a different world view because I’ve had the opportunity to travel and get to see America for who we are. I’ve also lived over sixty years, witnessed every election since Kennedy, and probably have a fairly good different American view, having lived in four different regions, The South was not always Republican, it used to be a bigoted Democrat block, The party choice have changed, the people to some degree have not. Many blacks vote as democrats not because of social reasons, but because of a deep history of voting in America and black history. Perhaps that’s a history you should explore, instead of just listening to what others are saying, without real knowledge of African American history on voting. For clarification, in the old South, during the civil rights movement, before you were born, people were called “uncle toms” because they were used by the whites to spy on their black brothers and speak out on behalf of the whites. You are not an uncle tom, You are doing an excellent job at what you are doing and have every right to do so. Just develop more of an independent line of thought, speak out for yourself and let the GOP represent their on ideology. As a people, we need more of you representing the conservative right. not however at the cost of making us as a people seen as if we are ignorant.. Some of us started calling for gun control in the eighties when we start seeing black kids being shot down in drive by shooting. Let your call as a pro gun advocate be for real reasons, not because the government taught you how to shoot in the military but because convictions tell you to be a responsible citizen and certainly not because the GOP or NRA say so. Black and Hispanic kids are dyeing on the streets every day through gang warfare. It’s the root cause of these things that should be argued not the second amendment excuse. You may not agree with my positions, but that’s why it’s sometime good to be independent, we can have independence of thought.

    • As usual, with Democrats and with lots of so called Independents, you don’t disagree with my content, but assert that I’m parroting what “my party” says.

      Bull crap. I stated what I believe and it’s based on my belief in God and what His word says about who I am.

      I am aware of the history of BOTH parties. But I’m not voting for things that happened 50 years ago, I’m voting for NOW.

      Democrats are repugnant GOD haters, who use blacks for their votes while trapping their kids in failed schools and ignoring the crime in the cities of America. There’s no way I’m voting for the tax and spend, envy and covet, revenge taking, baby killing, Constitution suppressing, race card tossing Democrats.

      Lastly, I don’t worship my skin. I don’t ask it who to vote for. It doesn’t dictate where I live or how much success I’ll have. It’s skin. The beautiful skin God gave me, and that’s all.

      It’s interesting that you felt the need to try and change who I am instead of accepting me at face value.

      For all of the hate that I endure from the LEFT for daring to choose my path based on Gods word, it never ceases to amaze me when Liberals choose to waste their time trying to drag me back to their masters. By reminding me of my race. I’ve NEVER had a Republican do that. Democrats do it all of the time.

      Here’s a tip “Rev”: try thinking independent of YOUR party’s talking points and stop thinking like a piece of property. All that you are and have achieved is a blessing from God that came to fruition though your own hard work. You owe the Democrats nothing. Set yourself free.

  6. Stacy. I don’t think that I accused you of anything other than not being independent in thought. You assumed that I’m a democrat based on some of the points I spoke out on. I made it quite clear that I’m totally independent, Your reply shows quite clearly that you are a GOP voice who happens to be African American. My comments pertaining to the need for independence of thought seen to have struck a cord within you. So, instead of hearing me, you reacted to what I had to say. The one thing I’ve learned through my many years of being a public figure is this, When confronted with something, it is better to take the time and respond instead of rushing into a reactionary mode. My choice this year to support and vote for President Obama had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he is black, nor that he is a liberal democrat. I totally disagree with the position he took on gay rights or marriage equality, yet I didn’t allow that character flaw to disqualify my belief that he was the better candidate for this election. So you see, being independent means you are free to choose without party influence, By the way we are not a “so called independent” group of voters. I will now take the position of one of your earlier contributors, without permission to disagree, I will keep my mouth or thoughts out of your conversations.

    • The only chord that you struck is the one that I hear trumpeted continually from Obama voters that want to assume the mantel of an Independent. If you were truly independent you would never have attacked me for having Conservative views. I have honestly and openly critiqued the GOP on its many failings.

      I’m able to do that because I am first a child of God and my viewpoints are in direct correlation to the Biblical precepts that we all are admonished to live by. You are not governed by those same precepts, are you “Reverend”?

      Of course not. You chose to vote for the black guy. Even though he openly supports and advocates for the murder of the unborn.

      So you see, you are a Democrat. You vote for them. You support them and you spend your free time castigating any black person that agrees with the opposing side. The problem here isn’t that I hold views that are Conservative. It’s that you don’t have the courage to admit what YOU are.

      I posted your comments, without censorship here and replied to them honestly. If you don’t like my responses you are free to disengage. I never asked for your attacks, but it should be patently clear to you now that if you bring soft headed incoherent ramblings to me couched in half truths, I will respond with facts.

      If you don’t like fire, back away from the flame “Rev”!

    • Mr. Johnson,

      I think you unfairly accused Stacy of not being independent in her thought. She articulated exactly why she feels the way she does on the various issues. I am of the firm belief that a person does not need to share my views. I am actually open to be persuaded to change my views. I think that it is important for one to be able to explain his or her views. I would never vote for President Obama, but I can respect a person’s decision to vote for him if I’m given a reason for the vote. Even if the reason is misguided.

      I would like to know your reasons for your vote. I would gladly share my reasons for my vote if you are interested.

      Take care.

    • You’re no independent sir. Your certainly threatened by Stacy and her success, and it upsets you that she never gave credit to you or your democratic friends. Get over it Rev, she’s strong, thoughtful, beautiful, independent, and that just drives you crazy. Time to move off the democratic plantation Rev Ray, and free yourself, you owe them nothing.

  7. I love this site… you say it as it is and don’t pull punches… it just kills some people to think that a Beautiful Black Lady could be a Conservative.. YOU are a breath of fresh air… Thank You!

  8. I am very excited that I found this page. It drives me up the wall that more of us black Americans don’t vote Republican more often. Generally speaking, blacks possess a lot of conservative views. The problem is that the Democratic party has done a good sales job on blacks. Our race tends to believe that the Democratic party is the party that looks out for them. Actually, most minorities believe this. What is so sad is that the Democratic party does not even pander to blacks anymore. At least not through action. Only through words and empty promises. There is no need of the Democratic party to pander to blacks because blacks vote RELIGIOUSLY for Democrats. That protects Democrats from alienating their white voters. While I may not be as conservative as you, I wish that our brothers and sisters would look at logic and their own views to determine for whom they vote. I am sure Democrats would no longer get over 90% of the black vote.

    The one issue that should give blacks pause is the immigration issue. Blacks are firmly AGAINST immigration. Blacks can articulate exactly why they are against it. The problem is that blacks won’t use their voting power to fight it. This practically silences the black vote.

    Another issue is things that can be considered some form of government assistance. Most of the people that get out and vote will NEVER receive any of this assistance because they are already hard working people and will not qualify financially even though their struggles are mighty.

    This just scratches the surface.

    As far as conservatism and the republican party goes, I applaud them for their character and principles, however I think there needs to be more focus on winning elections. I think there need to be more effort in reaching out to blacks. The GOP doesn’t need to necessarily change their message, just try to convince blacks that its the best message.

    I have a lot of views on this, but I will stop here. I am enthralled with the dialogue of this page. Keep up the good fight.

    Also, thank you for your military service.

  9. Stacy, I live in the St. Louis area and would like to get more active in conservative politics and help make a difference. What do you suggest? Groups to be a part of, political candidates to support, etc.

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