Americans for Prosperity Foundation’s Missouri Summit | Join us!

Please join me this weekend as I present on a blogger panel at the Americans for Prosperity Foundation’s Missouri Summit: Defending the American Dream. Other speakers include: Tony Katz of All Patriots Media and KFTK 97.1, all of the Missouri Gubernatorial candidates, and Senate candidates as well.

The headliner is Barry Goldwater. Here are the details:

What: Missouri Defending the American Dream Summit

When: Saturday, July 21st, Doors Open at 8 AM

Where: Springfield Expo Center

835 E. Saint Louis Street, Springfield, MO

Hope to see you there!!!


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    Stacy on the Right 18 July, 2012 at 20:58 Reply

    Hi Villager: It’s too bad that in your life you spend most of your time looking for faces of color. Looking at life through such a narrow lens is limiting and unfortunate. There were faces of color at this event, most of them were on the dais speaking! Even if there were “faces of color” in the picture, you would still play your well worn race card, because that is the way that you live. I guess the people in the picture don’t have any value to you because they are not “of color”. Couldn’t be that they are good kind people too. Expand your horizons a tad.

  2. Avatar
    Villager 18 July, 2012 at 21:42 Reply

    I made no comment on the “goodness” of the folks in the crowd. I simply noted that the crowd had no diversity in it. I’m uncertain how that equates to a “race card”. It is simply an observation that Tea Party related gatherings rarely have any diversity.That said … I appreciate the lifestyle advice and I will work to expand my horizons … as I thought I was doing by reading (and commenting) on your blog.

  3. Avatar
    Stacy on the Right 18 July, 2012 at 22:04 Reply

    That’s the first thing that you notice. That there are no blacks in the crowd!!! This is one picture. I have never been to a Tea Party event that didn’t have multiple blacks speaking and a decent number in the crowd. Fact is you won’t see tons of blacks at Tea events, because they are too busy thinking like you… But there is always hope.

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