Artur Davis rocks the RNC

English: Photograph of Rep. Artur Davis

English: Photograph of Rep. Artur Davis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Artur Davis is a shining example of the big tent that is the Republican Party.  People from all walks of life and backgrounds coming together to champion conservatism and American ideals.  Artur Davis is a recently converted Republican that spoke at the Democratic National Convention in 2008 on behalf of then DNC Presidential nominee Barack Obama.  He was an enthusiastic supporter then: truly believing the shiny rhetoric of Hope and Change.  After serving four terms in the House and voting for many of Obama’s failed policies, Davis ran for governor in Alabama and lost.  Now disillusioned and impassioned, he presents a fresh take on what the presidents campaign promises meant to many Americans, that today find themselves out of work and searching.

Davis’s convention speech was inspirational and idealistic, yet focused on the grim realities that face our nation today under President Obama’s leadership.  There were so many quotable moments.  Jim Geraghty highlights:

Discussing Romney:

He doesn’t confuse the presidency with celebrity, or loftiness with leadership. The Democrats’ negative ads do convince me that Mitt Romney can’t sing, but his record convinced me that he knows how to lead, and you know which skill we need more.

Then he made the pitch directly:

To those Democrats and independents whose minds are open to argument: listen closely to the Democratic party that will gather in Charlotte and ask yourself if you ever hear your voice in the clamor.  Ask yourself if these Democrats still speak for you.  When they say we have a duty to grow government even when we can’t afford it, does it sound like compassion to you — or recklessness?  When you hear the party that glorified Occupy Wall Street blast success, when you hear them minimize the genius of the men and women who make jobs out of nothing, is that what you teach your children about work?   When they tell you America is this unequal place where the powerful trample on the powerless, does that sound like the country your children or your spouse risked their lives for in Iraq or Afghanistan? 

Do you even recognize the America they are talking about? And what can we say about a house that doesn’t honor the pictures on its walls?  John F. Kennedy asked us what we could do for America. This Democratic party asks what can government give you. Don’t worry about paying the bill; it’s on your kids and grandkids.

Meanwhile, MSNBC saw fit to cut away from the RNC coverage anytime a person of color took the podium.  THAT’s journalism for ya.

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  1. Avatar
    texasprep 29 August, 2012 at 11:04 Reply

    Stacy, at least MSNBC only has about 10 viewers! It’s shameful that they didn’t show this powerful speech by Mr. Davis. It was electrifying! I admire a person who can be so humble and admit they made a wrong choice.

  2. Avatar
    Solomon Alexander (@RealBigSol) 29 August, 2012 at 12:28 Reply

    I think Roland Martin put it best when he said Artur Davis is a political fraud. Stacy, he’s not like you, Mia Love or even Allan West for that matter. There isn’t a conservative bone in his body. He wasn’t a Blue Dog Democrat who decided to go ahead and take the final step. He lost an election and decided to join the other team. He figures he’ll be accpeted as long as he bad mouths the President. The sad part is that no one in that hall last night would vote for him either. I can see the ad now. “Artur Davis says he is a conservative, but he voted with Obama and the Democrats 95% of the time.” Davis is the Don King of politics. He’s leaving with the winner no matter what.

  3. Avatar
    Solomon Alexander (@RealBigSol) 29 August, 2012 at 14:16 Reply

    Artur Davis is a political fraud. He’s not conservative in the least. Davis is just a guy with sour grapes. Any conservative would beat him hands down. I can see the ad right now. “Davis voted with Obama and the Democrats 95% of the time. Is he really a conservative?”

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