As the Muppets go, so goes America

Most of us have wonderful memories of the Muppets tv show and what fun we had watching it as children.  Miss Piggy layin’ down the law and Kermit all gaga over her…  And who can forget these guys?

 via Youtube

Fast forward to now.  The Muppets Movie is out and you are so excited to introduce your own kiddos to these loveable characters.  So you go online to check out the reviews on it, and maybe purchase your tickets online.  Instead of an update to a tv classic, you discover that the Muppets have joined the “Green Army” in shock and awe when you discover this:

hat tip Linda


So what’s wrong with that??  Well what the trailer fails to show is that the theater that they are saving is in danger of being torn down so that ~ wait for it ~ some big bad capitalists can drill for OIL!!!  Yawn…

After successfully sidestepping the propaganda laden Cars II, it is quite annoying to see Hollywood back at the indoctrination trough yet again.  We will be looking to other venues for family entertainment that fits our values.


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