Black Flash Mobs… What the Heck?

by Stacy Washington on 08/16/11


There are numerous reports of race based mob attacks where the attackers are black and the victims are unsuspecting whites. The most recent attacks occurred in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Reports of violence where 20 – 30 black youths are beating and robbing white bystanders for no apparent reason. See story here. Other reports of the same behavior can be found here and here.

Attention townspeople!! The reasons behind this heinous behavior are few and simple.

  • Unemployment in the black community is 16% compared to 8.2% for whites per the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This unemployment has hit high school and college aged youths harder.
  • There is a disconnect between the causation of this unemployment and an appropriate response to it on the part of black youth. The parents are disengaged.
  • We are experiencing a significant moral decline in the United States, the inner city in particular.

The second bullet bears explanation. Blacks are suffering the most under the first black president. The “One” was supposed to unite the races, eliminate racism and redistribute the wealth from the evil whites to the oppressed masses. Oh and all illegal immigrants were to instantly receive amnesty and more government assistance. Instead there is rampant unemployment. The economic outlook is poor and the credit rating is reduced. Pres. Obama has refused to issue new drilling permits. The number of regulations burdening new businesses and the banking industry has stifled job creation.

And the response of black teens attending fairs or wanting a diversion on an afternoon in the city is to hop a train and rob a Sears store. Or attack a bunch of fair goers. Or fight each other and then turn their anger on any white person in sight.

This behavior must be stopped. Not because the perpetrators are black and the victims are white. Not because they are poor and disenfranchised. Not because the whites are easy targets and have money. The mobs must be apprehended and brought to justice because this is America and their behavior is criminal.

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