#BlackLivesMatter protester: “You must follow the orders of the police”

I have a lot of respect for an individual who is willing to undergo training scenarios in order to understand the position of his opponent. That’s exactly what happened here in the case of anti police violence activist Rev. Maupin; he chose to undergo use of force training scenarios with his local law-enforcement agency to explore the arguments of those supporting the position of law enforcement.

The result; Rev. Maupin now understands that decisions law-enforcement officers routinely make happen in a matter of seconds and are a matter of life and death. During the training exercises, he uses his firearm to shoot an unarmed man. Rev. Maupin experiences genuine fear for his life, a game changer for him. As he sums up his change of heart he clearly states that “you must comply with the orders of police.”

FOX 10 News | fox10phoenix.com

As the daughter of a police chief this has been my position from day one. Not complying with the orders of law enforcement can result in your apprehension, or physical harm. Why risk that?

This discussion has been woefully absent from the national discourse by so called protest leadership and the notorious “Reverend” Al Sharpton. If these leaders truly thought black lives mattered, wouldn’t they offer suggestions on how to prevent negative encounters with police which might result in death?

Why not tell protesters that the simplest way is to avoid criminal activity. In encounters with police, answer their questions and comply with their orders. Stating these truths is the right thing to do. Don’t hold out hope that Sharpton or other social justice mouthpieces will ever take the path Rev. Maupin has chosen. There’s no money in it.

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    Edward Beck 9 January, 2015 at 12:54 Reply

    Thank you for showing this. Now how do you get ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN or any other news media for that matter who wants to cover up the truth to take off the liberal blinders?

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    James Womack 9 January, 2015 at 15:20 Reply

    I posted the following comment on FB over a week ago and only three people has had the courage to comment, and one is my son.

    Black life is important for everyone except Planned Parenthood and the pro Choice movement. Since Roe vs, Wade, America has aborted 60 million babies, ten times the number of Jews cremated by Hitler. 51 Million of the Aborted 60 milli8on babies have been black. Black women who represent 8% of the American female population have sustained 85% of the abortions. Abortion is black genocide. Add the 51 million aborted black babies to the current black population and it would be 34% of the American population rather that the current 12.9%. A report by the U.S. Census Bureau projects the African American percentage barely rising from 12.9% to 13.1%.

    James Womack
    Author “Black Dad-White Dad”

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    Kris 9 January, 2015 at 15:52 Reply

    Wow, that is a really insiteful clip. Every activist should go through this training before they begin protesting against the police,

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    James Montgomery 10 January, 2015 at 07:50 Reply

    In my younger days I was stopped by police and always followed their directions. I saw jail 3 times, once overnight, once for about 10 days and once for 20 days. I would rather have not spent those time in jail but it was better than being shot. My father taught me at a young age to always obey a police officer and address him as sir. There were no female police officers then and if that were today he would have added Ma’am.

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