Blogger Conference call with Paul Ryan CPAC preview

Just a few choice quotes in preparation for the real deal at CPAC.


“Ryan: Conservatives in 2012 Must Go Bold”
  • “At CPAC this week, I’ll make the case for clarifying the choice facing the American people: our principled plan to restore the American Idea versus the President’s failed agenda of debt, doubt, and decline.”
  • “On nearly every policy front, the President has made matters worse.  But I believe the American deserve better than simply a referendum on President Obama’s failed policies. They deserve a choice of two futures.”
  • “As reformers, it is our task in the year ahead to make clear the reform agenda needed to get us back on track – to get our economy growing, to tackle the rising cost of health care, to strengthen health and retirement security for all Americans, and to lift the crushing burden of debt so that hardworking families can prosper. We need reforms that expand opportunity and upward mobility.”
  • “We must tackle head-on the President’s false attacks and failed policies, while advancing a broad coalition for principled solutions.”  
  • “If we give the American people a clear choice, I have faith that they will reaffirm our Founding principles, giving us the moral authority to get America back on track.”


CPAC will be very informative and you can get all of the details right here starting Thursday.  There will be a live stream connection and updates daily.  Don’t miss out!


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