Boston Bomber to be buried at Arlington? What? #SOTR

“Because nobody deserves to rot….”  (wait for it…) “above ground.”  ~Julie Frein, America’s newly identified idiot du jour.

Lunatics: they live among us.  The question is can they be stopped?  The answer is yes.  The USAF has said “the bomber will not be buried there.”  Thank God for standards, standards that prevent this crazy chick from defiling the sacred grounds that house our heroes.

 Unfortunately for Ms. Frein, here are the requirements to be buried at Arlington:

d.Any former member of the Armed Forces whose last active duty (other than for training) military service terminated honorably and who has been awarded one of the following decorations:
1.Medal of Honor
2.Distinguished Service Cross (Air Force Cross or Navy Cross)
3.Distinguished Service Medal
4.Silver Star
5.Purple Heart

Read more here:  Boston Bomber to be buried at Arlington – Joe For America | Joe For America.

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    christina robinson 8 May, 2013 at 18:32 Reply

    If I had family in Arlington and he was buried there I would have my loved one moved. This is sick and wrong.

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