BREAKING: New Black Panthers arraigned on Fed charges for attempted pipe bomb purchase in #Ferguson


November 21, 2014

Tonight the leader of the St. Louis chapter of the New Black Panther Party Olajuwon Davis (Ali)  Member Brandon Orlando Baldwin (Brandon Muhammad) were arraigned on Federal charges in the court of judge Hon. Shirley Mensah for trying to purchase pipe bombs.  Both defendants will be appointed counsel before the upcoming hearing this week.  Undercover FBI agents caught the two after they purchased two .45 ACP handguns at Cabelas in Hazelwood, MO.

The indictment was handed up Wednesday and unsealed today accusing Brandon Orlando Baldwin and Olajuwon Davis of making false statements to obtain firearms. The defendants’ ages and addresses were not made public.

According to the indictment, between Nov. 1 and 13, Baldwin, also known as Brandon Muhammad, and Olajuwon, also known as Olajuwon Ali and Brother Ali, acquired two Hi-Point .45 ACP pistols at the store, claiming that Baldwin was the buyer when, in fact, the weapons were intended for someone else.

The straw gun purchases and attempt to buy pipe bombs were in preparations to destroy The Arch by blowing it up as a sign of white racial oppression as well as killing as many cops as they could during the impending unrest in Ferguson after the grand jury decision is announced.  They were arrested this Friday morning.

The suspects are being held on Attempt to Make Weapons Straw Purchase and Aiding and Abetting a Straw Purchase.  Davis and Baldwin wanted to purchase up to ten pipe bombs, but could only afford three.  Both have confessed to wanting to kill Prosecutor Bob McCulloch, and as many policemen as possible.  Their detention hearing is set for next week to consider elevating the charges from Attempt to Possess an Explosive Device to Attempt to Possess a Weapon of Mass Destruction.  I earlier reported that this was the charge, but have had an update.

There is concern over charging the men with Attempting to Possess a Weapon of Mass Destruction, as it would automatically place  the case in Federal court and would then be handled by the Department of Justice.  Not exactly an agency known for dealing strongly with the New Black Panthers.

Police officers with the St. Louis City Police Department were instructed by the White House and Attorney General Holder’s DOJ not to speak with reporters and media, to “Keep a lid on it”.  What an irresponsible thing to order in light of the dangerous nature of the plot the FBI just foiled!  My police source provided this information on the condition of anonymity.



Here are some of the Olajuwon Davis’s (Ali) radicalized Facebook postings:



Olajuwon Ali also teaches classes on “Lessons of Law”.

Images via Facebook screengrab Screenshot-2014-11-21-18.49.50

This flies in the face of comments made earlier today by County Executive Charley Dooley that there are no major safety concerns posed by the upcoming grand jury announcement.

My calls to the St. Louis Police Department‘s Chief Dotson on his cell phone and office line for comment, have not been returned.

The story now has legs: links into this piece via The Gateway Pundit!  KMOV and CBS have sanitized versions up as well.

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  1. Avatar
    T. Ro. 22 November, 2014 at 01:14 Reply

    The actual charges is making a false statement in connection with the purchase of a firearm. Case No. 4:14-cr-00366-HEA-TCM.

  2. Avatar
    T. Ro. 22 November, 2014 at 01:21 Reply

    The charge is making a false statement in connection with the purchase of a firearm. Case No. 4:14-cr-00366-HEA-TCM. Bad enough– no need to exaggerate.

    • Avatar
      StlRedman 22 November, 2014 at 01:58 Reply

      The case you cite are the charges they are being held on while the more serious charges are being decided on. These insurgents absolutely tried to purchase pipe bombs while making a straw purchase of weapons. The WH doesn’t want the information out in the public do it doesn’t detract from the “peaceful protestor” narrative. It will all be out soon enough.

  3. Avatar
    Knowledge 22 November, 2014 at 02:31 Reply

    Thank you for doing the story Stacy. You are absolutely correct about the facts and more to come. The DOJ wanted to hide it from the citizens. I wonder why?

  4. Avatar
    pd724 22 November, 2014 at 06:57 Reply

    how do you purchase pipe bombs at Cabela’s? the indictment is for firearms. not pipe bombs. as far as I know you can’t buy pipe bombs at a sporting goods store.

  5. Avatar
    bill burt 26 November, 2014 at 19:53 Reply

    Stacy, this was a very good article you wrote on some evil racists. I totally agreed with Prosecutor Bob McCulloch’s handling of the prosecution; he was very transparent on all aspects of the grand jury; he let the lying witnesses tell their lies and the witnesses that told the truth, tell the truth. Liars can never remember the lies exactly as they told them, so that eliminates them. The thug that was with Brown, Dorien Johnson, blew his creditability pretty quick.

  6. Avatar
    Philip R. Tripp 27 November, 2014 at 09:10 Reply

    Thanks for making this public. The MSM still has no mention of it, of course.

    I hope Federal charges are not brought only because it would make it easier for Holder’s Department of inJustice to bury and dismiss it. We already know that video is not sufficient evidence to charge the NBPP or it’s members with any Federal crimes.

    In light of all that’s happened since the Grand Jury’s decision, and the tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage alone done already, I’d like to see an investigation into who’s decision it was to make that announcement after dark and in prime time, followed a short time later by yet another speech by President Obama that seemed to me to ramble into unrelated subjects, and the motive behind that decision. All I can think of is that it was timed for maximum impact.

    I’d also like to know where that decision was made too. Was it even in Missouri, or was it choreographed from Washington, D.C.?

    I’d think that the victims of all the fires, looting, etc. have a pretty strong civil case against whomever it was. All I expect from Eric Holder is a statement that although it’s unfortunate, there’s no basis for criminal charges and no intent was shown. Not even a smidgen of negligence.

    Where do all those victims go for relief? I doubt any insurance companies will pay out on any claims as insurance policies don’t cover riots, civil unrest, war, etc in general just as they don’t cover floods, fires, and natural disasters unless written specifically to cover them. At least not without a Presidential Order and it’s associated power grab.

    So many questions, so little information.

  7. Avatar
    Carli 28 November, 2014 at 05:43 Reply

    McCulloch was transparent all right. We could see right thru his support of Darren Wilson. What a fraud. He did not serve the “the people of Missouri.” He served law enforcement. How biased. If a person can’t do his job he doesn’t deserve the position. Had the people of Ferguson used their voting power instead of apathy he would’ve been voted out long ago. I believe there’s more to come out about McCulloch and the disservice he gave to the public. Instead of prosecutor he should have a sign that says ‘defense attorney.’

    Cyril Wecht has a long reputation as a fine ME and he does not agree with Wilson’s story.

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