Brian Binkholder highlights pernicious crony capitalism in Missouri

Brian Binkholder is the highly esteemed Financial Coach on 97.1 FM talk radio in St. Louis.  Saint Louis Today published his most recent submission in todays paper.  Binkholder’s letter to the Editor follows:  

Business proposal

Because my wind farm in Missouri cannot make any money, I will need $107 million in tax payer money to create the mirage that it is a successful business. Then I will take a $2 million bonus out of the proceeds and buy a mansion in St. Louis.

When the president comes to town to promote a piece of legislation that will have no chance of passing, I will hold a fundraising party at my mansion and charge the subcontractors and consultants of the wind farm $25,000 to come and get their picture taken with him. Of course, they will not mind because they will have been the benefactors of the money that we are spending to build the myth that wind farms are a sustainable business. If I invite 200 friends, the president will have made $5 million in campaign contributions.  

I hope the president will consider my proposal.

Bryan Binkholder • Chesterfield

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Of course Binkholder is referring to the Carnahan wind farm crony capitalism scandal involving “green jobs” and President Obamas most recent fund raising junket here in Saint Louis.  The Carnahan family; which is a dynasty in Democratic politics, has benefited greatly from their connections to and support of Obama.  This is yet another example of just what our tax dollars are not to be used for: rewarding friends.  The Obama administration has done so much of this that it is no longer shocking, just business as usual.  Where is the ourtrage?

As reported by the Gateway Pundit:

Tom Carnahan, brother of Robin and Russ Carnahan, was gifted with $107 million in stimulus money for his wind farm project in Missouri.

The Carnahans got a windfall in stimulus dollars. We got the bill.

To show his appreciation, Tom Carnahan will host a $25,000-per-person fundraiser for President Obama on Tuesday in St. Louis. Going Green is a two way street.

A pernicious circle of corruption is obvious here.  There is no excuse for the amazing level of graft on display by public servants.  Of course there is more to come…




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