British Ninny questions American Desire for Limited Government

Yes, I’m serious.  The Brits sent this one over to torment us:

On NBC’s ‘Today,’ BBC’s Katty Kay Laments American Desire for Limited Government |

What she is painfully unaware of is that we like America just the way she is.   Limited government is what got us here and we plan to bring the size and scope of our government down to it’s most efficient size.  That is what the Tea Party (which started coincidentally under George Bush) is all about.

Limited government isn’t the only jarring difference between our cultures!  The British still have a (for show only) monarchy for goodness sakes, proof positive that our culture’s mental states are worlds apart.

Essential to the American spirit is the idea that we govern ourselves; this is the founding principle of our Constitution, government by the people and for the people.  When government is limited, free markets are unleashed to their fullest potential and prosperity is  the result.

Debt and Deficits are the result of government out of control, propelled by a citizenry that seeks it’s wellbeing from the state instead of themselves.  God help us if we ever have a majority of Americans that think as this woman does.

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