Catalogue of sexual crimes committed at Target Stores *UPDATED

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 11.27.36 AMIt’s not a coincidence that Target Stores has gender free changing rooms and the lax policy of admitting any person into the bathroom of their choice requiring literally no verifiable justification.

Target stores appear to be a haven for perverts and sex offenders of every stripe.  In case after case, men assault women and girls in the stores while shopping and in the restrooms.  Target doesn’t appear to have any additional security measures in place to lessen the number or severity of attacks in their stores.  Also of note is the absence of Gloria Allred, self described feminist, in the media calling for better security in Target stores.  Perhaps Allred isn’t interested because there’s no money in the actual defense of victims of sexual crimes.

Below is a list of incidents that occurred at Target Stores around the country.  Judge for yourself if they are doing the right thing for women and girls by choosing to accommodate the whims of mentally ill activists. Also added are incidents that occurred in other stores and restaurants.

NBC Chicago reports that the crime took place on Sunday when a mother, who wasn’t named, was with her young daughter in the women’s restroom at the Target store in the South Loop. Chicago police say that the man pushed into the stall with the little girl, exposed his genitals to her, and then left the bathroom.

A man is accused of choking an 8-year-old girl until she passed out in the bathroom of a restaurant in Chicago’s South Loop.

The girl was with her mother at the Jason’s Deli in the 1200-block of South Canal Street on Saturday, police said. The girl and her mother were inside the restroom separated by stalls around 1:15 p.m.

April 23, 2015 after allegedly secretly filming women in a Target dressing room.

Matthew Foerstel, 26, faces felony charges for invasion of privacy in the second degree and unlawful possession of a firearm.

Foerstel has a plea hearing on Monday, May 2, 2016. 

The Brentwood Police Department arrested Foerstel on April 23 after he allegedly held a camera phone under a dressing room door while a female shopper tried on swim suits at the Target store in Brentwood.

An officer went to Ranken Technical College to place Foerstel under arrest and reportedly found him in possession of a loaded handgun.  In 2013, Foerstel was convicted of invasion of privacy in St. Charles County for “knowingly and intentionally” filming an 11-year-old girl while she was partially nude inside a department store dressing room.

Police have arrested a man accused of exposing himself to a 9-year-old boy in the bathroom of a Target store in Cedar Park in February.

Roel Anthony Vasquez, 27, was charged March 24 with indecency with a child by exposure. No one at the store could identify who he was when the incident occurred, so police asked for help from the public by releasing pictures of the suspect from store surveillance video in March.

SOUTH BEND — South Bend police are looking for a man who performed a sexual act Monday afternoon at a Target department store at 1400 E. Ireland Road, according to our news partner ABC57.

A 16-year-old girl was shopping at the department store when a man approached her from behind and performed a sexual act on himself at about 2 p.m., police said. The man got away, and police are still looking for him.

He’s a heavy-set white man in his 20s, police said.

San Diego police are searching for a man accused of sexually assaulting a woman in the aisle of a Target store in San Diego, pestering her for a date before reaching under her clothing to grope her.

The San Diego Police Department (SDPD) says the incident – being investigated as a case of sexual battery – happened around 9 p.m. on Halloween at a Target located at 5680 Balboa Ave.

A Jefferson man arrested on Friday after police said he followed and then touched a 12-year-old girl and a 13-year-old girl in separate incidents could face “multiple” child sexual assault charges, a prosecutor said in court Tuesday.

Benjamin J. Cooper, 38, was jailed on $5,000 bail after appearing in court. Assistant District Attorney Stephanie Hilton said charges against Cooper are expected to be filed Wednesday.

The search warrant, authorizing a search of Cooper’s home, describes a Sept. 20 incident involving a 12-year-old girl at Target, 750 Hilldale Way, and two other incidents Oct. 11 involving a 13-year-old girl at West Towne.

ROCKAWAY — A borough man has been accused of sexually assaulting a five-year-old boy and trying to kidnap another in the past two weeks.

Kyriakos Serghides, 34, of Rockaway, was charged on Friday with second-degree attempted kidnapping, second-degree luring, second-degree sexual assault, third-degree terroristic threats, fourth-degree possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose and two counts of third-degree endangering the welfare of a child,

A 46-year-old man was arrested Saturday in connection with a sexual battery incident, including allegedly grabbing an employee’s buttocks, inside a Target store in Ventura, police said.

Aaron Carter, of Ventura, was reportedly making sexual comments and gestures to several female patrons around 9:33 a.m. inside of a Target store, located on the 4000 block of East Main Street, according to the Ventura Police Department.

He then reportedly grabbed the buttocks of a female employee, a 65-year-old whose name was withheld, police said.

  • 13 year old girl sexually assaulted at Target in St. Louis

On Tuesday, St. Louis City Police confirmed that they are investigating the sexual assault of a 13-year-old female inside the Target store on Hampton Avenue in south St. Louis Monday night. Police say the suspect walked past the victim, squeezed her buttocks, then walked away. The girl told a relative and police were called.

Hanford police responded to the store on North 12th Avenue on Wednesday after an employee found the camera in the family restroom. They say the camera was concealed with toilet tissue and had a red light illuminating before the employee turned it off. Officers say the camera didn’t record anything but it did stream live video.

SACRAMENTO -Police say Elue Palmer, 20, had been detained by Target staff for shoplifting. But as officers investigated the scene, a woman came forward and said the man had sexually assaulted her in the store.

Palmer was booked into Sacramento County Jail on charges of sexual assault, burglary, and false imprisonment.

GLEN BURNIE, Md. —A Shady Side man suspected of being high on PCP was charged with assaulting multiple women Saturday at a Glen Burnie Target store, Anne Arundel County police said.

Frank Eugene Pratt, 39, is charged with attempted robbery, second-degree assault, disorderly conduct and drug possession after the incident at Target at 7951 Nolpark Road, police said.

Police responded to the store at about 2 p.m. Saturday on a report that a man had smoked PCP in the store’s restroom, then approached several female victims and assaulted them.

A Six Mile man accused of taking pictures and video of people using the restroom at Target has been arrested, according to Anderson police.

According to the incident report, police were called to the store on Thursday where one victim said the suspect had a cellphone positioned under the stall to capture video of men at the urinals.

Officers said a juvenile victim took a photo of the suspect’s jeans and shoes. Police went into the bathroom and were able to identify the man in the stall as the suspect in the photograph the juvenile took.

Investigators say the man wearing the same clothes was spotted Thursday morning, at a San Leandro 7-11 by an off-duty Berkeley community service officer.

“She saw a man in there dressed in a black dress shirt, black slacks and black shoes. as we reported last night. She immediately took cellphone pictures of that man and his car, called the San Leandro police department, but by the time officers got there, the man had already fled,”said San Leandro Police Lt. Robert McManus.

Police arrested the suspect, a 20-year-old parking attendant, a couple of hours later at his place of work on the Peninsula.

ORLANDO, Fla. —The Orlando Police Department needs the public’s help locating a man who allegedly kissed a child inside an Orange County Target store.

The man, who police said is possibly Hispanic and in his 20s, allegedly asked the 12-year-old boy if he could kiss him in the toy department.

When the child said no, the man allegedly kissed him on the mouth then ran from the store.

“Somebody would be in trouble or dead probably if I caught them doing that to my child,” said Matt Pounds, who lives near the Target.

A Cleves man is facing voyeurism charges after an alleged incident inside a west side Target store.

According to Hamilton County court documents, Mark Klapper, 36, was arrested for looking at a 4-year-old boy’s private parts in a Target bathroom Saturday.

Police say Klapper followed the 4-year old boy into a restroom inside the store and stood at the urinal next to him in an effort to see the child’s genitals.  Court records allege Klapper did this to “sexually gratify himself.”

The victim immediately told his father what happened.  Police say the suspect fled from the scene, and refused to stop for police when a chase ensued.  According to the arrest report, police say Klapper was caught across the street from the store, and upon further questioning, is said to have told police, “I’m sorry I was wrong.”

UPDATE: Sandy authorities have arrested the suspect accused of sexually assaulting a girl at a Target store in Sandy.

Sandy Sgt. Dean Carriger said 47-year-old James Scot Fullmer was arrested Wednesday.

He turned himself in after he learned police were looking for him.

Fullmer is booked into the Salt Lake County Jail on felony forcible sexual abuse charges.

Gregory Paul Houchins is being held on $5.1 million bail at the West Contra Costa County detention facility.

Police say he met the child in the video game section of the Pinole Target store two weeks ago. He forced the child to touch his private parts and took him to bathroom where the child got away and ran to his parents.

He’s also accused of trying to take photos of women’s feet at the same store.

Surveillance cameras captured an image of Houchins when he returned to the same store two days later.

FOLSOM, Calif. (KCRA) —A jogger and Target security officers helped Folsom police track down and arrest a man wanted in connection with sexual battery and an attempted rape Saturday.  Police arrested Timothy Ortiz, 25, at the Target store on Blue Ravine Road after security officers reported he was following women in the store and masturbating.

Athens-Clarke County police have arrested a 26-year-old man for being a peeping Tom in the women’s room at a Target.

Police say Luis Mesqueda Hernandez was caught on security cameras sneaking into the women’s bathroom at the store Sunday afternoon and using his cell phone to take photos of a woman. The store’s security officers detained Hernandez until police arrived.

SOUTH CHARLESTON, West Virginia (CNN) — A Kentucky man has been charged with the sexual assault of an 11- year-old girl at a Target store.  Surveillance camera images of the suspect leading the girl through the store have been broadcast nationally.

Allen D. Coates, 37, of Irvington, Kentucky, was arrested Wednesday afternoon in the downtown area of Louisville, where he is being held at the Metro Corrections Facility. The arrest followed a “very detailed, very thorough” out-of-state tip, according to South Charleston Police Chief D.W. Dunlap.

Coates has been charged with sexual assault and kidnapping, Dunlap said.


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  1. Avatar
    Johntree 12 May, 2016 at 13:46 Reply

    How does Target compare with other stores? Is this something that all stores have to deal with, or do Target’s policies make it worse in their stores?

  2. Avatar
    Jon 25 July, 2016 at 05:34 Reply

    Before (most) of you all comment about what this issue is NOT about,do you even bother to READ the articlee? The article is simple. Let me help.

    A) there are/have been instances – in assuming more than are listed, and many more that are never reported – of SEXUAL crimes at Target. In a nutshell, Target is advertising men and women, of EITHER SEX – not their GENDER that because of the lax security of Target Stores,

    (B) if you want to sexuallly assault a child or adult of EITHER SEX, that Target will make it easier for you. Simply put on a skirt if you want to molest someone of the female SEX, put on some jeans if you’d prefer a male.

    (C) and as a bonus, will will tell the straight men who want to molest MY DAUGHTER, “we will stand up for you and say you’re just transgender and had a “right” to be there.

    For MOST people, at least for me as a single father. The thought of another dude photographing, raping and or/killing ANYONE’S wife, daughter, girlfriend as I stand outside because I don’t “identify” as he does makes me want to vomit as I type this.

    You notice how I don’t discriminate against GENDER IDENTITY? What bothers me is that they are practically giving MORE opportunities for these disgusting low-lifes. Did you get that? SEXUAL PREDATORS, whether straight, gay, bi, Les, trans, or ANY IDENTITY…should be locked away with other CRIMINALS and rot in there, just as they will fit in hell (after waiting wayyyyy to long with our overly generous justice system).

    Now, please tell me why this protective single dad is wrong.

    • Avatar
      Jon 25 July, 2016 at 05:40 Reply

      And to be super-duper clear. I’m cool with any gender, or gender identity, or whatever the latest and greatest terminology is, or will be. No problem. You touch anyone I know and love from my elderly parents to my youngest nieces and nephews – you better be at peace with whatever god you believe in, you better pray that you aren’t in a conceal and carry jurisdiction.

    • Avatar
      Tucker Lieberman 28 September, 2018 at 08:30 Reply

      Jon, you asked: “Now, please tell me why this protective single dad is wrong.”
      People have the freedom to choose their own clothing and gender presentation, and your arguments against that are wrong, but I have no personal need to engage you further here and explain why in this forum. I simply wish to compliment you on the lovely red sleeveless dress you are wearing in your profile pic.

  3. Avatar
    Chris Fritz 18 May, 2018 at 21:39 Reply

    If trans gendered folks are the problem, like you presume in your argument, then why were none of the crimes you highlighted committed by trans gendered folks. Seems to me you’re article points out that cis gendered males are much more dangerous at Target than trans gendered. Also, many of the crimes did t even uccur in a bathroom at all. Finally, you didn’t show any evidence that Target had any more or less problems than any other store with a public bathroom. C- at best.

  4. Avatar
    Chris F 19 May, 2018 at 07:35 Reply

    Please don’t remove my comment this tome. Thank you.

    I noticed that none of the crimes that you cite were committed by transgendered folks. This list of crimes shows that cis gendered males are the actual criminals that we should fear. Also, you never showed that Target was having any more crime than another comparable chain such as Walmart.

    • Avatar
      deedwan 29 May, 2019 at 09:50 Reply

      Chris F,

      The point is that that policy FOR transgender people OPENS THE DOOR for predators to take advantage of…
      I know you don’t care because it wasn’t actually a trans person, so oh well that a policy FOR trans ppl puts girls and women at risk, right?

  5. Avatar
    Jocefene 21 August, 2018 at 19:16 Reply

    You’re missing the point!! It’s not that we believe it is transgenders who will commit violent or criminal sexual acts in these rooms. It’s that it leaves an open door excuse for predators to do so!! Which is exactly what is happening. These perverts and pedophiles are using he “excuse” of same gender rooms to perversely act out!

  6. Avatar
    Tubalcain 7 October, 2018 at 20:25 Reply

    These naysayer trolls from the left posting on here (from their pictures) need haircuts, shaves, and jobs that produce wealth. Stay on Huffington, Jezebel, and other more suitable venues

  7. Avatar
    Linda Batchelor 9 April, 2019 at 11:48 Reply

    Stacy, Thank you for encouraging us to go see “Unplanned.” I was not going to go because my heart is so tender and I say what we all say . . . “I already know what goes on in those places; I don’t need to watch it.” My husband and I both feel the same way yet because you insisted . . . we went to see “Unplanned.” My thoughts during the movie were “thank you Stacy for encoring me to go.” I am very grateful and the movie was wonderful to hear and see even with a tender heart. Not helping rid our society of Planned Parenthood is like turning our back on the Holocaust victims. We must all get involved. All of us! I love you Stacy and prayed for you and your family this morning! Thanks for being my sister!!!

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