2nd Amendment

2nd Amendment

Stacy guest cohosting Cam & Company on NRA News

Here are some still shots of the fun in Washington DC last week…  Both days were full of great interviews and great discussion on guns.  The NRA is awesome.  Love those guys – can’t wait to see them again!  Continued prayers going up for Cam’s wife, who is on the mend and doing well! To watch these […]
2nd Amendment

Hillary Clinton is in favor of mass gun confiscation

Hillary Clinton Gun Grabber: here she is again, calmly discussing disarming law abiding Americans.  Clinton is using foreign countries that do not have innate rights enshrined in a constitution and representative republic for of governance as her point of reference. Australia’s gun buyback program netted between 650,000 and a million guns, which represents an indeterminate percentage, as […]
2nd Amendment
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Hillary Clinton in 1993: “We need a 25% tax on ...

Hillary Clinton has a long history of proposing and promoting ideas that are antithetical to the Constitution and values that liberty loving Americans hold dear.  Americans For Tax Reform unearthed video showing Hillary Clinton expressing a desire to tax guns at 25% in testimony given in 1993. As reported by the AP on Oct. 1, 1993: Sen. Bill Bradley, […]
2nd Amendment
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Checking on my AR-15… #GunSense

After listening to the Mindless Left drone on and on about gun control and how if we just had ONE MORE LAW, we would all be safe from mass shootings, it occurred to me that I should verify the safety of my AR-15.  Could they be right?  Do firearms just up and go on shooting […]
2nd Amendment

STL Gunmen abduct teen, Mom & Dad shoot gunmen #SOTR

Excellent news for 2nd Amendment supporters everywhere: responsible gun ownership saves lives. ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV) – Homicide detectives are investigating after one person was killed and another injured in a shooting in south St. Louis late Monday night that allegedly stemmed from a home break-in. Police said the incident happened in the 4600 block […]