CPAC 2019 – The Recap

CPAC was packed to the gills and I got to meet a lot of new people, many of whom will join us on air in the new future. Check out the photos of the venue, Media Row and just a few of the people up in that situation! Cassie Smedile, RNC National Spokesperson     […]
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CPAC day one recap… The #CarlyFiorina Edition

There were excellent speeches from the main stage at CPAC yesterday; of note were Chris Christie, who is an excellent speaker and very comfortable taking questions, Scott Walker and Carly Fiorina. Governor Scott Walker is definitely running and made that even more clear in his evening speech, which was excellent. But by far the very […]

BlogCon 2013: Why I’m here…

Why am I here? To network and learn new ways to grow the movement. It’s about activism and how we get that done efficiently and effectively while still living our lives…. I will update you from the conference with postings, pics and other cool stuff. I’ll start you out with a super cool new site […]

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