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Guns and the media

This is the column that prompted the St. Louis Post Dispatch to suspend me on April 28, 2017 for supposed paid advocacy work on behalf of the National Rifle Association.  After terminating the contract that evening, a media firestorm erupted over the suppression of conservative speech in a major newspaper.  After Fox News, Drudge, Newsbusters, […]
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Megyn Kelly wows on Leno…

Well she’s not a Democrat, she’s not a Republican… Either way, having her on Fox is good for us. A truth teller is ALWAYS appreciated. Related articles Megyn Kelly ‘brings it’ to ‘The Tonight Show’ ( Megyn Kelly goes on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (
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#SOTR on the Liberal Art of Deflection *Video

The constant playing of the race card, the “War on Women” “War on the Black Man” and other such nonsense are meant to stop people from looking at what this administration is really doing: transforming America for the worse.  Pay that no attention, as it isn’t real.  What is real is the economy barely moving, […]