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Wednesday Headlines! #SOTR The Naughty Edition….

Have you been naughty?  Well good for you!  Good behavior is no longer valued as highly in this country: so no worries!  Carry on… Wednesday on He Said She Said, we have Monica Crowley of WABC Radio and Fox News!  Tune in, you won’t wanna miss this interview! Stories, Stories, Stories! Federal court strikes down ban on […]
He Said She Said

Howard Stern Interviews Obama Supporters

Have you ever wondered what Obama supporters think about the election?  If they know who is running? If they know what election cycle this is?  Well wonder no more, Howard Stern (not a fan, but he’s the one that created this video) has asked every question that you ever wanted to ask… The political survey […]
He Said She Said

Wednesday Headlines for #RadioDay!!!

It’s shaping up to be a doozy!!!  Here we go: Cartoon courtesy of Furious Diaper Self Driving cars approved for use in California.  Because the libs need more time to destroy what’s left of sweet Cali, huh? Florida may bring paddlings back in schools! WUT? Madonna says President Obama is a black Muslim.  Then she […]

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