No wonder Trump used to support Hillary! 

“Hillary Clinton Is a Racist”  that is something you will never hear a democrat say!  Hillary sounds downright sensible discussing  illegal aliens in this video some years ago.  Then Donald Trump says those same things now.  He supported her back then because some of what she said made sense, particularly on people in this country […]

Interview: Paris Dennard

Our interview with Paris Dennard was truly info packed.  We discussed the presidential polling, and voter enthusiasm. Paris Dennard is a GOP political commentator and consultant with over a decade of private and public sector experience on all levels of politics and public relations.  In addition to his political background, for the past 20 years he […]

Interview: Nick Adams of FlagUSA.org

This was an excellent interview, and Nick has a fantastic Australian accent to boot.  Huge thanks to Shannon for connecting us! Nick Adams is the Founder and Executive Director of  The Foundation for Liberty and American Greatness (FLAG), an organization dedicated to promoting American exceptionalism and combating anti-Americanism worldwide. He is also a best-selling author, […]

New Conservative Voice Joins National Urban Talk Radio

MEDIA ADVISORY: Oct. 3, 2016 Contact: Judy Kent at (703) 759-7476 or cell (703) 477-7476 or jkent@nationalcenter.org New Conservative Voice Joins National Urban Talk Radio Stacy Washington’s “Stacy on the Right” Promises to Shake Up the Status Quo St. Louis, MO /Washington, D.C. – New leadership is arriving today in seven U.S. cities with the debut of Stacy Washington’s “Stacy on the Right” […]

Bernie Sanders: “Of Course Leaked Audio Bothers Me” 

After audio at a private fundraiser of Hillary Clinton calling Sanders supporters “basement dwellers” went public the Clinton campaign is in damage control mode.  (As of this morning they’ve scrapped their planned events with Bernie.)  Sanders was trotted out to calm the rough waters, and he delivered.  While he is “bothered” by the audio, it wasn’t […]