SOTR Show 1/15/18 MLK Day, a time to reflect on ...

We celebrate American freedom today via Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King.  We have Chaplain Brennan Francois Associate Director of Pastoral Care at Augusta University Medical Center on to discuss whether or not Dr. King’s legacy is a reality today.  Paul Singer of USA Today joins the show to talk about the DACA fix and whether […]

The violence in Charlottesville is a distraction

I haven’t really written anything here about Charlottesville or the presidents comments on it. So here goes… No matter what POTUS said the progressive left and their media were going to attack him and assassinate his character. This is Classic Leftist Playbook 101: Gangnam Style. Why? Because they hate Trump, his voters and this Republic. […]
Immigration reform

Missouri voters support slashing immigration

BY STACY WASHINGTON  Published on JULY 22, 2017 8:30 PM – Kansas City Star Six in 10 Missouri voters want to reduce legal immigration by 40 percent or more, according to a new poll by Pulse Opinion Research. Those voters aren’t all hardline conservatives. Fifty-six percent of union households hope to see these reductions. The same […]