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Dr. Dobson to abortion president Obama: “Come get me, if ...

Dr. Dobson took a strong stand against President Obama and planned unparenthood’s promotion of abortion culture, drawing a clear line by refusing to pay the proposed Obamacare “abortion surcharge”. Watch as Dr. Dobson calls President Obama out on his determined support of abortion. Here’s audio of his declaration the the president: Dr. Dobsons remarks were so […]
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#ICYMI on the #SOTR Show: Our first advertiser!

Tonight on the Stacy on the Right Show I interviewed Dr. Ivankovich and Dr. Karla Carwile about racial disparities in the administration and application of Obamacare. We debuted our first advertiser Scott Pulaski of Piasa Armory. Here are your SOTR Show highlights: Filed under not surprising: NBC & ABC continue the blackout of Lerner’s criminal referral. […]

Friday Headlines #SOTR

Good Morning Party People!  Going on Allman in the Morning in just a few!! Here are your Headlines: Gruesome: Aborted babies incinerated to heat UK hospitals.   Speak to this atrocity Leftist, Liberal, Progressive Whatchamacallits! Is this “green” enough for you? Use the remains of aborted babies as fuel to heat the hospitals that abort them! (Telegraph) […]
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A Word On Courage

God commands us to be strong and courageous. So no matter how many times I get “Uncle Tommed”, no matter how many “tolerant” people attempt to stifle my right to speak by shunning me, I’m pressing on. I’m speaking out because unthinking individuals are destroying this country. As with Obamacare, liberal ideas continue to fail […]

Tonight on the #SOTR Show!!

You will get to hear me debut numerous new segments!! Just a few for tonight are the Local Business Spotlight, 2nd Amendment Update and The Poll Report… Stream me live here: FM News Talk 97.1… Bumper Music from tonight’s show: The Kooks – How’s You Like That Go Radio – Go To Hell Repeat Repeat […]