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Monday Headlines #SOTR

I’m on the Sam Malone Show at 9:15 am CST Monday morning, tune in! My Monday Allman in the Morning hit is now every Friday in the 7 am hour. Here are your Headlines: Family of kidnapped Louisiana woman kills abductor in rescue attempt. Thank God for guns and family!!! (RTV6) IRS Sent 343 Refunds […]

A Huge Thank You from #SOTR

Thanks to everyone who listened to the show last night and/ or the debut show the weekend before. Many have asked for the track list of the bumper music from the show: Passion Pit – Take A Walk Portugal The Man – Purple Yellow Red & Blue Gooding – Hey Hey Repeat Repeat – History […]

ICYMI: The SOTR Show debuts tomorrow!

Coming up! Debuting tomorrow: The Stacy on the Right Show: Saturdays 5-7 pm CST on FM NewsTalk 97.1! Live stream it here: Stacy on the Right Show Find KFTK on iHeart and TuneIn radio apps for your phone as well! Tomorrow we’ll talk Obamacare, Healthcare Reform, local education issues, Bitstrips, and much, much more.
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#SOTR joins the team at FM NewsTalk 97.1

That’s right y’all!!  The Stacy on the Right Show debut’s November 2, 2013 from 5-7 pm CST, taking over the Saturday 5-7 pm time slot as Tony Katz moves the Tony Katz Show to WIBC in Indianapolis 9-12pm!! I’m so excited and honored to start this new endeavor on KFTK!  After just over two years […]
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Monday Headlines: MSNBC doesn’t know who ObamaCare’s Daddy is Edition ...

Here’s a hint: it isn’t the GOP!!!  Catch me on Allman in the Morning and The Sam Malone Show today…  Boom Baby!! Headlines: MSNBC live caption: “GOP flubs ObamaCare launch!”   WHO flubbed it?  Those idiots just can’t get anything right.( Kurt Schlichter totally handicaps the shutdown battle.  Read this and rejoice. ( Obama credibility “Death […]
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Jamie Grace: Ransom Note #ViralVideo

This young lady’s excellent story was so moving to me and my kiddos, who watched it with me, that I had to share it.  We were youtubing her to listen to some of her music and found this. This is Jamie Grace.  Enjoy. Related articles Jamie Grace – One Song At a Time ( Jamie […]

Tuesday Headlines!! #PostLaborDay Edition

Well, news never takes a day or weekend off.  There’s the brewing morass in Syria, Democrats thanking God for abortion and asking for more of it and President Obama puts his hand in the shape of a gun and his foot on the Resolute Desk.  Dig in people! Tune in to the Sam Malone Show, […]