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Wednesday Headlines!!! #SOTR

Tune in to He Said She Said tonight at 9 pm CST.  Here’s the link: He Said, She Said Our guest tonight is: Katy Abram of… You don’t want to miss this show! Here’s what’s popping in your world today: BREAKING! Actual video of a Democrat staffer and the son of Moran (D-Va.) plotting […]
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Wednesday Headlines for #RadioDay!!!

It’s shaping up to be a doozy!!!  Here we go: Cartoon courtesy of Furious Diaper Self Driving cars approved for use in California.  Because the libs need more time to destroy what’s left of sweet Cali, huh? Florida may bring paddlings back in schools! WUT? Madonna says President Obama is a black Muslim.  Then she […]
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Wednesday Headlines #RadioDay

          Here’s what’s on my mind for the radio for Wednesday: The ubiquitous Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich joins the list of items that is RACIST! Senator Mike Lee will testify at Senate Judiciary Hearing entitled: “The Obama Administrations Abuse of Power” US Embassy in Cairo Egypt is stormed by Islamic […]
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Wednesday Headlines

Here’s what is happening of interest around our world today: National Debt tops $16 Trillion that’s $136,249 per US household President Obama grades himself “Incomplete”.  Really? Democrats drop God from their party platform – Good.  It’s about time they stopped pretending Everybody hurry up and get your abortions before the GOP wins the White House!  Yes […]
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Tuesday Tweetables… Updated!

*UPDATED~ Okay ya’ll here are the hits of the day in preparation for tomorrow.  Lot’s to cover, lots to look at and discuss: Tabitha Hale: My uterus is not a political tool.  I totally agree. How long should the Obama Administration and Democrats blame former president Bush for everything? Madeleine Albright says: “Forever.” Paul Ryan […]