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SOTR Columns
Op Ed by Stacy Washington

E-Verify at work can solve illegal immigration crisis

By Stacy Washington at the Sun-Sentinel President Trump could end the illegal immigration crisis with a single phone call — to his sons. Eric and Don Jr., who are running the family business in their father’s stead, just discovered the single most effective way to combat illegal immigration. They recently required all Trump Organization properties […]
SOTR Columns
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In Unions v. Stop & Shop Everyone Loses

This article appeared first and was written for The Epoch Times. Please click through and visit their site for more excellent news content. The fight for the future of grocery store chains and compensation for the workers who staff them is heating up. Unfolding in the northeast, the United Food and Commercial Workers union and […]

Why NAACP’s Anti-Oil And Gas Report Is Hot Air

This article first appeared at Investors Business Daily The NAACP recently published a paper with a dramatic claim: “African-Americans face a disproportionate risk of health problems from pollution caused by the oil and gas industry.” It generated many headlines. But it’s deeply misleading. Instead of acknowledging the complex factors that cause health problems in minority communities, the […]
SOTR Columns
Draining the Swamp by Ben Garrison

Draining The Swamp Does Not Include Energy Subsidies

By Stacy Washington at The Daily Caller May 20, 18 As a matter of policy, President Barack Obama set the destruction of the coal industry in his sights and was unfortunately efficient in executing his mission. In response, the Trump administration executed a directional shift towards supporting clean coal, acknowledging that over 80 percent of […]
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Why raising the age to buy guns is a dangerous ...

By Stacy Washington for The Washington Times Tuesday, March 20, 2018 ANALYSIS/OPINION: Politically correct retailers are traveling down a road of discrimination by setting their own arbitrary age limits for purchasing guns. Since the horrible shooting last month in Parkland, Florida, age restrictions for purchasing the boogeyman of choice — the dreaded AR-15 — have […]
2nd Amendment

Choosing Freedom, Not Fear

by Stacy Washington on Americas 1st Freedom – Thursday, November 2, 2017 Black women in Chicago are getting firearms training and concealed-carry licenses to defend themselves in a city plagued with violence. This feature appears in the November ’17 issue of NRA America’s 1st Freedom, one of the official journals of the National Rifle Association.   Great news […]

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