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SOTR Live Stream 2/26/18 There is something that we can ...

The Parkland school shooting demonstrates how completely and utterly government has failed.  Today we discussed what must be done to protect kids.  CPAC Comms director, makes the silliest of comments on race. Kevin Ring – President of Families against Mandatory Minimums (FAMM) joins to discuss prison reform. Dr. Ryan T. Anderson Senior Research Fellow in […]

Happy Valentines Day! SOTR Live Stream 2/14/18

Happy Valentines Day!!!! On today’s show: I’m back from the White House Black History Month reception. Bethany Mandel, Editor of Richochet joins the program to talk about North Korea and American Left’s love affair with dictators. Links of Interest: Did you see the disgusting fawning over Kim Jong Un’s sister at the Olympic games? Gillibrand […]
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SOTR Live Stream 2/8/18 Germany comes to grips with the ...

Today on the show we chat with Melissa Mackenzie: Managing Editor of American Spectator about the budget and Peter Murphy: Vice President for Policy for Invest in Education Foundation. Links of interest: Merkel under fire: Violent crime spike in Germany attributed to refugees Christian Baker in California wins case: Will not be required to bake homosexual wedding […]