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ICYMI: #SOTR Show Notes- Guns Save Lives Edition

On the Stacy on the Right Show on July 11th 2015: 2nd Amendment Updates: Las Vegas Man uses AK47 to successfully defend his family against armed intruders Media won’t report on Ex CNN anchor using a firearm to defend herself and her husband Filed under Idiotic: Uber orders passengers and drivers not to carry firearms. and Interview […]
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#SOTR Show: the #TaxesTaxesTaxesEdition

On tonight’s show we interview Demetrius Minor, the author of Preservation and Purpose : The Making of a Young Millennial, A Manifesto for Faith, Family and Politics. Some Show Prep for ya… Minimum wage hike protesters are ignoring reality 2nd Amendment Update: Operation Chokepoint Hearings Indiana school district bans white grade school kids from field […]
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#SOTR Show: #ReligiousFreedom Edition

Excellent line up tonight for the show; I’m interviewing Cherie Harder of the Trinity Forum and Justin Danhof of National Center.  We have a giveaway second hour and of course lots of political, cultural, and lifestyle talk. JUSTIN DANHOF, Esq. GENERAL COUNSEL & DIRECTOR OF THE FREE ENTERPRISE PROJECT Justin Danhof is the General Counsel […]

CPAC day one recap… The #CarlyFiorina Edition

There were excellent speeches from the main stage at CPAC yesterday; of note were Chris Christie, who is an excellent speaker and very comfortable taking questions, Scott Walker and Carly Fiorina. Governor Scott Walker is definitely running and made that even more clear in his evening speech, which was excellent. But by far the very […]

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Jordan declares itself the tip of the spear in the war on ISIS Missouri Bosnians arrested for supporting ISIS Missouri Dealerships sue to block Tesla direct to consumer sales… The Emerging Republican Advantage… Is this even a thing? I certainly hope so. 7 things in Obama’s budget that are never going to happen Pregnancy Resource […]