2nd Amendment

Guns For the Elite, But Not For You

Published on Feb 9, 2017 Why is it that the most vocal anti-gunners are the same people who have armed body guards or secret service protection? They either have no concept of the threats faced by everyday American citizens—or they just don’t care. In the second episode of The DL, Dana Loesch and friends lead […]

Lack of good night’s sleep causes memory loss!

This is news to me, as it’s no secret that I’m not a great sleeper.  There are new studies out linking a lack of sleep to dementia and Alzheimer’s so this is serious business!  Some swear by Melatonin, Valerian, hot baths and warm milk. Let’s take this as a wake up call to renew our efforts […]

Be A Man: Get Married via Prager University

This is an excellent description of why marriage is so important to society.  With the average age of marriage for young American men going from 23 to 29, poverty and fatherlessness are becoming more prevalent.  Brad Wilcox explains why getting married is such a positive step for young men, the women they marry, and the […]