Stacy on the Right talks about school board #VIRALVIDEO

Alice Linehan from Women on the Wall showcased my entire Education Policy Conference speech on How to Succeed on School Board on her radio program.  So nice!  Anyhoo, I get a bit rough here…  But it’s super funny too.  Watch and share! “Flip that table, crack that whip…  Pick up your sword, it’s fun!” ~Stacy […]
Conservative Babe

Coming Home Updates

This area of the blog is dedicated to my passion for interior design.  We are remodeling an old Spanish home and it has truly been an adventure thus far.  I can’t wait to share the journey with you and see your ideas for the new place! For starters, the kitchen cabinets are oak … We […]
Radio Stuff

Getting ready for 2014

On the #SOTR Show last Saturday I shared that I never tell people that they “can’t”. And that if you have anyone in your life that says that to you, tune them out. You can do whatever you put before you as a goal if you FOCUS. Never give up. Success is hard and never […]

Duck Dynasty star censored by A&E…

Phil Robertson the star of Duck Dynasty a number one rated cable tv reality show, was interviewed on a number of far ranging topics by GQ magazine. In part of the interview he expressed his views on homosexuality when asked During the interview, he quoted from the Bible passage that clearly states God does not […]

POTUS & FLOTUS go high school at Mandela funeral

The dust up over pictures of Michelle Obama’s angry countenance during the Mandela funeral yesterday has forced a very ugly reality into plain view: the Obamas are horrible off script. Mrs. Obama hasn’t mastered the art of smiling and waving, and at this juncture, she may never master it. As the First Lady of the […]
Radio Stuff

The SOTR Show live at 5pm CT

Just under TWO hours until the Stacy on the Right show!! Tune in from anywhere in the world!! Follow the link or use the iHeart or TuneIn radio app on your smartphone! Live Stream the SOTR Show! Click there and then click the listen tab on the top right corner!! Let’s stop the spread of Liberalism […]