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Harvey Closures Reduce Available Texas Refining Capacity via S&P Global ...

Harvey Closures Reduce Available Texas Refining Capacity – S&P Global Platts NEW YORK (August 30, 2017) – 6:30 pm ET – While some Texas refiners were beginning to restart operations Wednesday as Tropical Storm Harvey moved into Louisiana, others were bringing plants down, causing a further reduction in available refining capacity, according to a Wednesday […]

Be A Man: Get Married via Prager University

This is an excellent description of why marriage is so important to society.  With the average age of marriage for young American men going from 23 to 29, poverty and fatherlessness are becoming more prevalent.  Brad Wilcox explains why getting married is such a positive step for young men, the women they marry, and the […]

The Lottery sucks and here’s why

I don’t always agree with John Oliver, but when he’s right, he’s right.  In this video he exposes everything you’ve never wanted to know about the lottery as a state run entity nation wide.  It’s actually horrible to have state governments openly lying about what the lottery funds, and how harmless it is.  Warning: language!!! […]
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#MOGov Jay Nixon gets $50k for vetoing #RTW

Yes.  I know you’re having difficulty hearing me over the din of Democrats still whining about Citizens United, the Koch brothers and all of the Republican money influencing politics to the detriment of everyone.  But bear up my friends!  Our very own do nothing figure head of Missouri, Governor Jay Nixon (D) MO places the going rate […]

The Weekly Thomas Sowell

This is your weekly dose of Thomas Sowell. Because if every American read and understood the great economist, we would still be operating as a Constitutional Republic instead of the Imperial Edict of Obama. “Three-fifths to two-thirds of the federal budget consists of taking property from one American and giving it to another. Were a […]

Krauthammer: Next in Obamacare Debacle? Enormous Insurance company bailout

Via Pundit From Another Planet: Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer made a dire prediction. Appearing on Fox News Sunday, Krauthammer said that all the exemptions the President has given to ObamaCare will ruin insurance companies thereby necessitating the White House to ask for a huge government bailout of these companies next year that Republicans in Congress […]

Time to cut the cord.

Seriously. I’ve covered this here before. We should cut off our cable, dish, etc. until they allow us to buy channels ala carte. This would mean that content providers would be held accountable to their true customers. Imagine that! We wouldn’t be forced to subsidize MTV, LOGOS, MSNBC… If you wanted 10 channels, or 600 […]

Enjoy the Comeuppance, it’s all yours Liberals…

It’s criminal that anyone that voted against this president has to suffer losing their health insurance. The fault for this lies with Obama voters and the Democrats. Instead of taking complete ownership of this epic failure, the American people are subjected to a massive attempt by Democrats and President Obama to deflect blame onto the […]

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