The Race Card

Conservative Babe

#VIDEO Black America: Do we want a seat at the ...

Winners will take a meeting with a powerful business person or influential individual because they want their voices heard.  A person that is interested in getting their goals accomplished focuses on the end game.  In this video, I explain why the continual discussion of race is hampering Americans from getting real results on tough issues. […]
The Race Card

Playing the Ebola race card

Thomas Duncan has died of the Ebola Virus and the race vultures are out in full force. Even the family, who may or may not have been complicit in Duncan’s deception, is under the spell of the grievance hustler Al Sharpton. Sharpton is advising the family on their “options” as he clearly smells a windfall […]
The Culture

Yet another Democrat racially slurs Justice Thomas

Mississippi Congressman Bennie Thompson, a Democrat, tossed the Uncle Tom card at Justice Clarence Thomas while appearing on the New Nation of Islam radio program. After listening to that incoherent racial psycho babble you’re thinking about the voters recalling this guy right? Or his congressional colleagues openly castigating him for his repellent views, since this […]