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American Black Church: where are you?

In the national firestorm over the firing of Phil Robertson over his stated belief in the Bible and opposition to sin, a clarion call can be heard for Christians of every stripe, and the Black Church specifically, to stand up for Faith in America. It’s odd but not surprising that silence is the answer from […]

Why I oppose the Homosexual Lobby

People keep asking me why I care what homosexuals do. “It doesn’t affect you!!!” : says the pansified pushover. The question is ignorant of the realities if the homosexual lobby. They will NEVER stop. They want to “FEEL” acceptance from 100% of the population of the entire planet. They’ll never get that so they are […]
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Utah judge weakens anti polygamy laws in ruling

Many people opposed the reality TV program Sister Wives coming to air for exactly this reason: it normalizes deviant behavior. Looks as if they may have had a point: Via The LA Times: In a 91-page decision issued Friday, Judge Clark Waddoups effectively decriminalized polygamy in Utah, ruling that a central phrase in the state’s […]
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Leftists continue to force immorality on children

Raunchy homosexuality has yet again made it into the mainstream consciousness via family friendly television medium. The question is, why? Why can’t we just view a parade on Thanksgiving, or send our children to school carefree in the knowledge that they won’t be assaulted by homosexual sex? I can answer that for you. Liberals are […]

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