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Fathers Matter: Larry Elder for Prager University

I discussed some of this in my latest Facebook Live video; traditional mores make for more success in life.  Statistics prove it, anecdotal stories, verify it, evidence of this truth is painfully evident in inner cities across this country.  No discussion on race or new legislation, can mitigate this truth.  It’s time we stopped ignoring […]

Are People Basically Good? #ViralVideo

There’s so much truth here.  If we stand by our Judeo Christian values, we know what we must do.  People are born full of sin.  We must resist our base nature and work hard against our primary obstacle to happiness and achievement: ourselves.  Watch and share… Via Prager University

The Lottery sucks and here’s why

I don’t always agree with John Oliver, but when he’s right, he’s right.  In this video he exposes everything you’ve never wanted to know about the lottery as a state run entity nation wide.  It’s actually horrible to have state governments openly lying about what the lottery funds, and how harmless it is.  Warning: language!!! […]

Racial tensions escalate in St. Louis metro area

Two incidences here in St. Louis have many residents questioning just how we can move forward from the Mike Brown shooting, protests, burning of Ferguson and the still heightened racial tensions oppressing the area.  I can only posit, what did you expect?  If you keep drumming up hate, how can you be shocked when it […]

#iNotRacist app helps you prove you aren’t a racist!

Wanna prove you aren’t a racist? Are you like, so not a racist?  Perfect, this app is def for you. The iNotRacist app includes a point system, racial trivia (and badges,) dating service, tracks your benevolent activities, ranks your friends and relatives’ racism,  simply put, it’s everything people!!!  What more could you ask for? This is obviously […]

No excuses. Go get it. #NoahGalloway style

This is a truly inspirational guy, Noah Galloway one of the new hunks on Dancing with the Stars.  He’s a bit different in a couple of readily visible ways; he’s combat veteran, a single dad and a double amputee. When I ran across this video, it struck me that this guy has so much going […]