Catholic VP candidate Kaine defends Hillary’s anti-Catholic rhetoric

screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-1-09-38-pmAfter 2 Dodges, Catholic Kaine Defends Anti-Catholic Emails From Campaign

He claims to be a strong Catholic.  He is not. First he claims that the emails are not accurate and may have been somehow “doctored.”  After this is slapped down, he goes for the whole “well I’m Catholic and she likes me, so…” and that falls flat as well.  He says no one should have to apologize for their opinions, which is also something that his party and he himself have never adhered to.  Really, Tim?

I want to get to another email that
shows campaign communications director
Jennifer palmeira talking about
Catholicism with a democratic strategist
who denounces what he calls the religion
severely backwards gender relations she
responsive some conservatives are only
Catholic because they think it is the
most socially acceptable political
conservative religion many took offense
to the perceived mockery of Catholicism
you’re Catholic should the campaign
apologize for these messages
well Martha let me first say this and
this is really important thing I don’t
give credence to any of these dumped
documents because I don’t even know if
they’re accurate and they are part of an
effort by the Russians and WikiLeaks I
just want to say it was right there
email said he sent this
yeah but-but-but I this is an important
topic that everybody needs to know about
these emails one email has come up with
my name in it and it’s completely
inaccurate now was it inaccurate because
the center didn’t know what he or she
was talking about was inaccurate because
it was dr. i have no way of knowing on
catholicism I am Catholic I’m very very
serious about my Catholicism and Hillary
views that is a real asset and we talked
about our faith lives as she asked me to
be on the ticket with her so in terms of
what Hillary Clinton who is running for
president thinks about Catholics and the
and the value more broadly of having a
faith background i can tell you she
views it as a plus just as she views her
own methodism as a plus an apology
I you know again I you we all have
opinions and I don’t think you need to
apologize for your opinions but in fact
that that’s a great thing about our
country and even about being Catholic we
have plenty of opinions so you don’t
need to apologize for an opinion but in
terms of respect for the church and
people’s faith lies Hillary Clinton has
that respect because it’s what motivates
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