Cecile Richards the head of Planned UnParenthood: Person of the year?

Time Magazine is polling their readers to find out what we think of their nominees for Person of the Year.  And on this supposedly august list of do gooders and great folks we all desire to be like, we find Cecile Richards, the President of Planned Parenthood.  That’s right.  Of all of the folks in the U.S. volunteering and giving to the poor, needy and otherwise disenfranchised they choose Richards.  

What am I speaking of?  Take a gander at this monument to the craptastic:

Age: 54 

Occupation: President, Planned Parenthood Federation of America


Planned Parenthood’s forces mobilized in opposition when seven states began to enforce laws requiring ultrasounds prior to abortions and other states proposed similar legislation. It also waged an extremely public battle with none other than breast-cancer charity Susan G. Komen for the Cure after Komen decided to terminate grants to Planned Parenthood earmarked for breast-cancer screening for low-income women. Richards led the charge in persuading Komen to reverse its decision. For that, countless underserved women are grateful.

Lets take this apart piece by piece shall we?  Richards mobilized Planed Parenthood’s forces to stop expectant mothers from viewing an ultrasound of their baby before they killed it.  Wowza.  That was a great idea?  Preventing moms from making an informed decision?  It was a horrible idea that was motivated by Richards desire to continue to abort babies at or above the current rate to keep the coffers of Planned Parenthood full.  That is all that was.  She could care less about poor women and their healthcare.

Then Time notes the very ugly, very public takedown of Komen, led by Richards. Apparently it isn’t good enough to bully not for profits into continuing to support causes that they no longer wish to fund.  You must shame them into never trying to leave you again!  Well, if that is the standard for honoring folks held by Time, Inc., then yippee!  Next they’ll honor embezzlers and the like since, we wouldn’t want to leave anyone out of this joyfest would we?

Go here to vote no on this ludicrous faux “tradition” of honoring the perveyors of perversion in our culture. 



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