Checking on my AR-15… #GunSense

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After listening to the Mindless Left drone on and on about gun control and how if we just had ONE MORE LAW, we would all be safe from mass shootings, it occurred to me that I should verify the safety of my AR-15.  Could they be right?  Do firearms just up and go on shooting sprees of their own volition?

Of course this insistence on passing more laws to stop violent people from shooting innocents, ignores the ideology of Islam which causes adherents to kill.  With the Professional Organized Left blaming Christians, the NRA, and law abiding gun owners it’s a wonder anything at all is getting done around this joint!

Never mind that the FBI interviewed the Orlando jihadist three times.  Never mind that the Orlando jihadist had informed family members that he planned to go on a gay killing spree.  The president and his minions are on a mission to get some more laws passed because criminals always obey LAWS!!!!

So after realizing just how crafty and downright self aware AR-15’s actually are (the Orlando shooter didn’t use an AR-15 but who cares about facts right?)  I thought I would check in on my weapon to see if it was up to any dastardly deeds.  Take a look….

Checking on my AR-15

Posted by Stacy E. Washington on Tuesday, 14 June 2016

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