Chick Fil A sandwiches, I eat them frequently! Now run and tell THAT |Video

By now you have heard that Chick Fil A supports Traditional Marriage and a very traditional Christian viewpoint and business model (they are closed on Sunday’s to honor the Sabbath).  You may also have heard that Governor Huckabee is countering a move by the homosexual left to boycott the chain because of it.  

Cue real life.  Governor Huckabee put up a Facebook page to gather supporters to eat at Chick Fil A on August 1st as a show of support for the business.  Facebook noticed that the page had a million likes or so and promptly took it down.  It was down for a full 12 hours.  Facebook restored it once folks got ticked off and let them know it. 

You may recall an Alabama man that made viral video history with his rants about keeping “yo wife and yo kids” safe from a rapist.  Well Antoine Johnson is back and this time he makes a pretty coherent statement:

And that is the point here, honestly people.  If he can keep eating Chick Fil A as a homosexual man, without compunction, then why can not the rest of the country do the same?  It’s only a display of tolerance, right?

Anyways.  Notice the braids.  They look good right?


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