Crazy lady claims slavery entitles her to a free cup of water… #ViralVideo

You can’t just make this stuff up.  Seriously, you can’t.  The ignorance on display here is stunning.  Lady goes ballistic because she wants a free cup of water and the gas station lady says she has to pay for the cup.  Consequently, big bad diva goes crazy explaining incorrectly about slavery in the US, who laid the pipes that run the water, and why she decided to sausage herself into that awful tube top.  Okay she didn’t address that, but I wish that she had!

Pro Tip: Just grab a water bottle on the way out the door okay chick?

Post Script: Notice the shock on her face once she gets done accusing the gas station owner of “renting” the joint, and gets told that they own it.  Pow. Pow.

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    Anngie 2 May, 2014 at 17:58 Reply

    A great demonstration of the zealotry of the victim mentality which does nothing for this woman except keep her comfortable in the belief that the reason her life isn’t working out so well is not her fault. I bet she was doubly thirsty when she left after working up such a sweat with her arguments and still not getting any free water. Notice she had a bill in her hand but would not use it to help herself. Sad.

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    JayCee 4 May, 2014 at 09:38 Reply

    Absolutely insane! If you are going to attempt to conjure up a lie about your family history, you might want to study American History first to make sure your dates are correct. There is now way that this woman’s 104 year old grandmother was a slave. Slavery was abolished before that woman, rest her soul, was born. This woman just made a mockery of everything her ancestors endured to get to where they are today. It is sad what some idiots will do to get something for nothing and this one takes the cake…that is for sure! I am glad someone captured this and I hope that this woman see’s how stupid she looks now that this video has gone viral!

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