Amazon Election Heat Map: What does it mean?

A dear friend sent the Amazon Election Heat Map over this morning.  It tracks every book purchased through Amazon by categorizing the books as Right Leaning or Left Leaning.  I found it very insightful.  It’s continually updated by state.  Follow the link below the screenshot to see what folks in your state are reading.

The map appears to be a reflection of intensity levels on the right dwarfing those on the left.  The Left is unmotivated because Obama’s policies have failed and they are running out of ways to hide that.  The Right has tremendous momentum because of higher than usual involvement by average every day citizens that are fed up with living under Obama’s boot. (Read Tea Party activism)

The map is quite encouraging to me, and I hope to God that it is an indicator of a move to the right for this country.  But our ills are cultural.  We have a cancerous growth of Liberalism that has taken root and will not be easy to remove.
Voter intensity won’t do it, we must commandeer control of K-12 Education and starve Hollywood back into a reflection of American Values instead of a destroyer of them.  And that’s just step one.
The second step which must be implemented simultaneously with the first, is to reign in spending and drastically reduce government waste.  Waste and inefficiency will always be a part of government.  Just not at these levels.  Any private sector firm would quickly resolve the duplication of services to preserve the success of their enterprise.  American citizens must demand the same of our government.  This election is the beginning of a very long and difficult process that will be painful during and deeply rewarding afterwards.  November is the beginning, I look forward to seeing the Amazon map turn deep crimson.
H/T J. Champer
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