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    Kim Biegacki 25 September, 2012 at 18:18 Reply

    I just found you on another site and came to your blog. Following your blog and following you on twitter too. Forwarded the video. Great message and loved your video too. Tried to find you Pinterest and Facebook but so far I have been unable to.

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    Benjamin McLeod 30 September, 2012 at 23:16 Reply

    Excellent speech. I transcribed it…

    Brothers and sisters in Christ – I am Bishop E.W.Jackson, chairman of Ministers Taking a Stand.
    For decades now the Democrat party has been moving in an increasingly anti-Christian direction.
    We saw this with the reaction of Democrat mayors to Dan Cathey of Chick-Fil-A for simply proclaiming that he supports the Biblical definition of marriage. They said he would be banned from their cities and his stores would not be welcome. Leaving aside that this is blatently un-Constitutional, it also shows a hostility, indeed a hatred, for Christians and our Biblical beliefs.
    It is time for the people of God to take a stand. It is time for a mass exodus of Christians out of the Democrat party.
    We saw that hostility when they voted to censor God from their party platform, and remove Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. In response to public outrage they put them back, but over the boos of many delegates.
    They and their allies sue over every cross, every prayer, every mention of the name of Jesus. They even declared the Family Research Council a hate group, which undoubtedly helped percipitate the shooting that took place on FRC property.
    But what percipitated this call for an exodus is their unprecedented step of making same-sex marriage an official part of the Democrat platform.
    My friends, the Democrat party and their progressive coalition have become anti-God, anti-Bible, anti-Church, anti-family, anti-marriage, and anti-life. They have turned their backs on Christians. It is time for us to turn our backs on them.
    On September Tenth Ministers Taking a Stand launched this movement calling for a mass exodus of Christians and Jews from the Democrat party. It is time to come out and refuse to vote for a party that has declared war on Christianity and the Church and sided with the enemies of Israel!
    So join us. Exodus Now!

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