#Ferguson Police Chief: We’ve been shot at every night

Right off the bat I’m against the ramping up of SWAT team type home invasions arrests and the increasingly menacing use of military type vehicles by local police departments.

That being said, what do you expect when so called peaceful protesters are firing shotguns at police every night?

By shooting at the police, the criminal element in Ferguson is giving actual legitimate protesters a bad name.

Video via Jim Hoft

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    Harry Brinsden 22 August, 2014 at 16:49 Reply

    I just walked in on your conversation with Frank Beckmann on his WJR radio show in Detroit. Within seconds I surmised that you are a media professional because of your poise and lucidity. It took me several minutes longer to discern that you are a black woman. Believe me, after listening to Mr. Beckmann discuss the Ferguson controversy with the Rev. Wendell Anthony, Detroit NAACP President who was born in St. Louis, your interview was a breath of fresh air! The Rev. Anthony was emotional, irrational, and incoherent from beginning to end! You ought to listen to his interview on the WJR website to hear for yourself. Thank you for presenting your point of view so well. BTW I am a 69 year old white man who has been married to lovely black woman for 36 years with four wonderful children as the products of our union. I will be following you on the internet from now on.

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