Getting ready for 2014

On the #SOTR Show last Saturday I shared that I never tell people that they “can’t”. And that if you have anyone in your life that says that to you, tune them out.

You can do whatever you put before you as a goal if you FOCUS.

Never give up. Success is hard and never comes all at once. It’s incremental and will at times almost break you. By the time other people notice you’ve had some, you’ve actually been successful for quite a while.

By “successful” I mean meeting your own goals for yourself. Sit down and think about next year. What would you like to see? Write it down in large print on a poster board or print it out on paper and tape it to the poster board.

Now work your way back. That’s your plan for getting those goals done by the end of 2014. If someone tells you no – keep working and ask someone else. Then once you’ve grown go ask that first person again.

Place the poster board in a private area where only you, and your spouse, will see it. Now the goals are in front of you, and you can cross them off as you achieve them.

Invest in yourself and become mentally tough. Spend more time reading than watching TV. Create, and build upon relationships of value with people who share your values. Put God first.

I’ll write more on this in the coming weeks. You’re important, don’t forget that! Otherwise you wouldn’t be here, alive today at this very moment. You’re meant to contribute, God has a plan for each of us.

I’ll be bringing 2014 in on my knees praying for this country, my family and all of you. God Bless you.


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    padre67 30 December, 2013 at 21:02 Reply

    Hey Stacy, I just yesterday saw the S-M-A-R-T “list” yesterday on a Facebook page and that it was an excellent “check list”. Thanks for sharing the concept – again – for me.


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    James Montgomery 2 January, 2014 at 04:51 Reply

    Amen to all that you said Stacy. If all the people that think like you would start getting involved in this country we could turn it around by voting in the people that will work to better this country. I talk to young people that are so tuned out that some of them do not even know who the President is. Our education has been so dummied down it is an outright sin. It all started when Jimmy Carter created the Department of Education. Now the Federal Government almost has taken over public education. It is refreshing to see some States against the Common Core. The left mission is to brain wash all of the young to further their goals. If the States do not follow the Feds agenda they are blackmailed. Follow their agenda or loss federal dollars.

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